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Shock RL 1SG Hicky 5656

The reason I want to become a 2LT is to A.) Fix the whole power balancing thing htat always pops up whenever a regular officer is B) Fufill the requirements to be Riot Lead and C) Hopefully have the ability to host general Shock tryouts.

Though I might not be active as much, I have been in Shock/5th Fleet since October 2018, which means I do have a considerable amount of experience in the field. Though I may be completely inept in very specific situations, I believe that either retraining or more training should be able to remedy that. I am generally a patient and cool-headed guy (within reasonable bounds) and I can get some of the more difficult people to listen.

*I am open-minded to whatever decisions will be made about this I may or may not be unaware of any form of due date.

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+Been Here a long time and learned a lot from experience.

+Knows a lot of rules.

+Respects everyone.

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