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Nova Vice Commander Shadow

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Warning you are about to enter a level 4 document you are advised to to submit your clearance code Strength and weakness: 

Shadow is a natural born leader and Ferociously loyal to the empire, also he excels in combat and his skills are unmatched due to his deadly training from Davison CLASSIFIED because of this he is very cunning and smart but there is one thing you should know he hates CLASSIFIED due to its his weakness.


driven by one objective service and die for the empire no man in his battalion knows what fall back is because Shadow knows falling back shows the hostile they are wining so he will order his men to push to surprise and rally the troops to cause the enemy to go into mass panic. 

Shadow will follow every order but shadow has disobey orders in the past for example he was order to get a VIP out of an area and he’ll be assisted by the STs he got the VIP but a moff ordered him to pull the troops out but shadow knew he wouldn’t make it so he left those troops behind and went back at night killed the attacker while they where asleep and got the captured ST out.

date of birth and place of birth:

Shadow it’s not his real name it is CLASSIFIED

place of birth CLASSIFIED 

Date of Birth CLASSIFIED 

Race Unknown  

battalion assigned to:

Vice Commander of the Nova Corp  

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