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Bogs Application 9/11/19


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In-Game Name: Bog

Steam Name: [GL] Bog

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:106413665

Are you a Senior Moderator+? Yes

How many posts do you have on the website (150+ REQUIRED)? 170

How often are you online on the forums? Every day I am on the forums commenting on posts.

What timezone are you in? Central

Why would you want to join our Forum Diplomat team (100 Words Minimum)? 

I want to join the Form Diplomat team because I am a staff member. This means I spend a lot of time on the forums making posts, comments, and helping other players and I want to have a better opportunity to help and assist the fellow Members of GamingLight. I am on the forums during the early mornings on my phone and also while I'm lounging at home so I think this would be a great next step in the right direction for me. I also have a lot of experience with forums and what to do because of my experience on other servers.

Would you consider yourself to have good judgment? If so, how?

I believe I have good judgment. I can tell the difference between what's right and what's wrong. Plus I will often double-check my decisions with higher-ups for help

How would you deal with a situation where a user is spamming the shoutbox due to getting banned from one of our servers?

  • I would remove the messages that he sent.
  • I would PM him on the forums and ask him which server he got banned from
  • Give him the link to the respected server with the ban appeal section.
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Well said on that last question. Makes sense to me.

"They love you then they hate you that's the curse." -Travis Scott

Epsilon-11 Commander, Trial Mod, Event Team

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+ Support

  • Your application seems a little short.
  • You may want to get a little more forums post/activity.

Other than this above I believe you would make a good forum diplomat.

SCPRP Senior Admin | Forum Diplomat | Discord Moderator | Support Team Member | CI LTCMDR Catsro

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+/- Support


You have a good application, however I would like to see your forums activity go up as well as your post count. Other then that good luck!



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