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Ryan The Epic Guy

Another clichè 9/11 memorial post

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It was a normal Tuesday morning. New York was full of people heading to work, as it was early in the morning. Suddenly air traffic control received troubling news. A Boeing 767, United Airlines 11 was hijacked, and had deviated from it’s initial flight path. At the time nobody knew what horrible event was currently unfolding. Air traffic control did not report the hijacked aircraft until well after it had initially deviated, and from there the report slowly went through a beuracratic loop, as the plane flew further and further off course until it reached New York. At 8:46 am a large explosion was heard as the plane suddenly flew into the side of the North World Trade Center. The entire nation turned it’s head as the single deadliest terrorist attack in history began to unfold. A second Boeing 767, bound for LA was also reported to air traffic control as hijacked, but as with the other flight, the report got stuck in a beurocratic loop, and the Flight 175 hit the South World Trade Center at 9:03 am. The second plane threw the nation into a panic, as it was now clear that the United States was under attack. New York Fire Department quickly arrived, sending fire fighters in to help evacuate the tower, unknowing of their fate. The third plane, a Boeing 757 followed the same trend as the others, and at 9:37, 51 minutes after the first plane had hit, United Airlines Flight 77 flew into the Pentagon, and the chaos only grew. Flights were later grounded, but it was far too late. The fourth and final hijacked plane, another Boeing 757, directed it’s course towards Washington DC, and was believed to be heading for the White House. The passengers aboard the United Airlines 93 were able to thwart the hijackers, but couldn’t regain control of the plane, crashing in Shankesville, Pennsylvania. In New York things were only beginning to get worse. 1,355 people were trapped in the North Tower, as Flight 11 had destroyed all three of the building’s stairwells. Every one of them were killed from smoke inhalation, jumping out of the window, or from the tower’s eventual collapse. 630 more people died in the South tower and 125 were killed at the Pentagon. 200 of those killed in the Twin Towers had jumped to their deaths in an attempt to escape the smoke and flames. 411 emergency workers were killed making the ultimate sacrifice. Approximately an hour after the initial impacts, both of the towers collapsed. The close proximity of the other World Trade Center buildings resulted in fire spreading, causing all of them to collapse later that night. Due to radio transmission issues, the NYFD commanders were unable to send an evacuation command to the firefighters inside the towers, and nearly all of them were killed. By the end of the day 2,996 people had been killed, devastating the nation and shocking the world.

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