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What you want to see? - Rework which jobs get different armed vehicles, and add/remove some others.

How the armed vehicles for jobs should be:

RU Spetsnaz KGB Crewmen/ US Marine FORECON Crewmen: Remove sim_fphys_tfre_lav300_3 (LAV-300 (Turret M2), HP: 5500), Keep sim_fphys_conscriptapc_armed (HL2 APC, HP: 4500). The M2 turret of the LAV is too overpowered to be on a free class, let alone any at all. With having such high hp, high DPS, and being able to look up high, the M2 version of the LAV can decimate any aircraft or infantry unit, while also being able to contend with regular tanks. Thus the LAV-300 (Turret M2) should be removed. The APC is balanced and does not need to be removed.

RU: Armed Transport [T1]/ US: Armed Transport [T1]: Remove sim_fphys_crysis_bulldog (Bulldog 50 cal, HP:3000), Add avx_hmmwv_ins2 (INS2 Humvee, HP: 2400). The Bulldog is very underpowered, even for a tier 1 vehicle. It should be replaced with the INS2 Humvee. The Humvee has good mobility, good damage with its machine gun (but not overpowered because it requires reloading). By having low hp the Humvee should not be too overpowered to use against infantry, but will still be able to kill soldiers better than a rifle.

RU: Tank Crewman [T2]/ US: Tank Crewman [T2]: Remove sim_fphys_tfre_lav300_1 (LAV-300 (Turret 1), HP: 5500), sim_fphys_tfre_lav300_2 (LAV-300 (Turret 2),HP: 5500)Keep sim_fphys_tank4 (T-90MS, HP: 8200)/ sim_fphys_tank3 (Leopard 2A7, HP: 8200). The LAV's have less hp and do less damage than the default tanks. It would be more useful to be able to get rid of the LAV pack to speed up downloads than to keep vehicles around that have better options on the same job. The default tanks we use are already balanced, and do not need to be changed.

RU: Armed Troop Transport [T3]/ US: Armed Troop Transport [T3]: Remove sim_fphys_crysis_cargotruckv1 (M1078 LMTV Truck, HP: 9000)Add avx_m42_duster (M42 Duster, HP: 2500)Rename to: RU/US: SPAA Crewman [T3]. The M1078 truck along with the other crysis vehicles have very underpowered weapons. Although the truck has 9000hp, ground transport is rarely used on its own. Instead the job should be changed to an anti-air role. The current anti-air vehicle being the LAV-300 (Turret M2) can too easily destroy aircraft and has enough hp to tank many aircraft rounds. A more balanced vehicle would be the M42 Duster. The Duster has moderate hp, shots that need to be lead, and can only aim upwards. Since it cannot aim near the ground, infantry would not be able to be shot so easily and would be spared by it. At the same time aircraft would not be able to be sniped across the map, but would still be able to be destroyed if they're too close.

RU: Heavy Armed Transport [T5]/ US Heavy Armed Transport [T5]: Remove sim_fphys_crysis_bulldogmini (Bulldog Minigun, HP: 1500)sim_fphys_tfre_lav300_3 (LAV-300 (Turret M2), HP: 5500)Add sim_fphys_tank_firtina (M109 Paladin, HP: 8200)Rename to: RU/US: SPG Crewman [T5]. The Bulldog Minigun along with the other Crysis vehicles should be removed alltogether, as they are underpowered and not often used. The LAV-300 (Turret M2) should also be removed because it is overpowered, as it can too easily destroy aircraft and infantry. But in order to keep the Tier 5 job with the best vehicle it should be given the M109 Paladin. A self propelled howitzer, the Paladin does 7500 damage, while the other tanks only do 3500. The stronger tank would be able to easily destroy other armed vehicles, but would still be balanced because it has a slow reload, cannot aim high upward, and has a large body.

Why should we add it? - The current vehicle decisions are very unbalanced. Some vehicles being underpowered, while others are overpowered, a rework is needed. The jobs would also be more unique, as instead of having different types of apc's, we would now have different jobs that each have a specific purpose. At the same time if the Crysis vehicles, and LAV's were removed we would save 20.028mb of downloads.

What are the advantages of having this? - To balance out the vehicles, introduce more uniqueness among vehicles, and reduce download time.

Who is it mainly for? - US/RU

Links to any content:

To be removed: 

Crysis Vehicle Pack:

Simfphys LAV Pack:

LAV Models:

To be added:

Arctic's Vehicle Extension (Required for the INS2 Humvee, and M42 Duster to work):

INS2 Humvee:

M42 Duster:

M109 Paladin:

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1) With the removal of LFS the M2 definitely is OP now, and should be changed. But I don’t think that it was a mistake having it there at first. FORECON and KGB were exclusive enough that only a handful of people could use it, and the work getting there was worth the strength of the M2.


2) Nothing to say here - Completely correct. The bulldog sucks big time, and its accuracy is terrible when moving.


3) LAVs definitely lag behind the tanks. Although I do think that the tank main gun doesn’t do enough damage against infantry.


4) I very much enjoy the M1078. It’s quick enough and has enough carry slots to do its job efficiently, and has the bonus of a mounted gun to harass any helis that get to close. The gun does mediocre damage, but just the presence of it can deter helicopters. I don’t think it’s worth keeping the whole crisis pack just for this, but if it was possible to get it alone I’d support it.


5) Yeah the 50 cal gun doesn’t do much better than the minigun. Same problems with health and low damage.


Overall, great suggestion - I’ll have to go test out the new vehicles that you think should replace them.

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57 minutes ago, zachary.holender said:

+ Support

What Androntel said.


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~I'm gonna be honest: I didn't actually read it. But I'll assume antrontel had a reasonable TL;DR and that awg isn't just spitting bs

  • Haha 1

~ Archan

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+Support Make them more realistic you wouldnt go to war in real life on a quad you would go in a Humvee or Something more armored

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