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  1. 1. Why are you not on the server?

    • Server is not fun (please state why)
    • Don't have enough time
    • Because of certain players or staff
    • Other

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          The server seems to be on track for another death so I want to try and prevent it for a little longer. The problem is that almost nobody is joining the server in it's current state when nothing major has changed. We staff have tried have tried events, get togethers, and giving away money, but none of that seems to be working. If that is not what yall want then please let us know, we won't be able to fix what we don't know about. Us staff will try to do our best to keep the server alive, but we can't do it without yall's help. Comment below for what reason you are not joining the server, and if you know of any way to help.

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Hey Awg, here is my take on it, it is a little bit of all of them. First off, having all of the SA+ spawning in a holy mackerel shit ton of bombs and nukes kinda made a lot of people not want to play anymore as they were off put by the amount of explosions going on. Secondly, nukes and bombs should ONLY be used in EVENTS imo because using them in normal war just makes it another rendition of the Cold War with both sides not wanting to leave their base. Thirdly, I know that school is starting tmr for us here in Southern Florida but some people have already started and you already know that school is a nuclear missile to player count (the main reason that I haven't been getting on as of late). In addition, war is not really fun anymore as there are the new people with only the classes they have compared to the older players with CC's and premium guns. Training is also a big issue as people will not get on DI even if they are a part of DI and officers have not been training either. There is nothing fun to do in between wars which is why I have been urging my officers to hold PT and small missions and just in general get people interested. Also, when there are people who consistently complain over voice chat / radio (I have been guilty a few times as well I shant lie) it really does decrease the morale and the interest of new players as they are now hearing small things wrong with the server which they really do not need to hear as it can cause people to simply leave. When there is no even split between RU and US, it becomes very toxic quickly and then the side with less people start to become even less. If there were also a semi attractive split in the branches on each side too that would be great but we cannot force people to be a certain branch. There is one last thing I must say too... If you are going to do an economy reset, then make the vehicles cheaper please. Some of my best fliers and troops cannot even afford to spawn in 1 heli, or 1 quad bike. It is really infuriating to be in this situation.

Thanks for reading,

~ Zach

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Posted (edited)

New players that join don’t stay. Simple as that. Main reasons of this that I’ve seen have been because they get spawn camped, or they get bombed by staff. In either case, the SA’s fail to ensure that a players time is worth while. People should not be getting on and immediately seeing staff screw around with the bombs, while SAs just sit and watch.  Spawn camping isn’t technically against the rules, but when we lose 10 new players because they can’t get past spawnline, the SA’s should step in.


Aside from the new players, the removal of LFS has made it so helicopters are just money pits, and aren’t even worth spawning in for the two minutes they live. Tanks are hilariously weak to the point where the guns take 4 shots to kill someone, and the armed transport have too low of health to put their guns to good use.


 Finally, there’s very minimal roleplay. Too many officers and enlisted just screw around during peacetime. Like Zach mentioned, we need an ACTUAL thing to do during peacetime, not just training. I’d recommend something like the old delivery system. Small NPC missions that can include all sides - Maybe not the same type of thing, as it didn’t work out, but like “Eliminate the Threat” missions where an NPC spawns with lots of health, and then troops go kill it.

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Agreed, Zach and Androntel.

For the time I've seen, it is that newer players do not return as well as a majority of other issues. Whether it is staff abuse or a roleplay reason the player my not want to return, it also includes the fact that the same concept repeated can be quite a nuisance. In other terms, war, debrief, and sometimes PT. A newer issue that has arose atleast for the United States has been that, many power hungry individuals either ruin the experience for others or it could be that they have abused their powers in some sort of way; EX: Sergeant orders Privates to follow them and betray orders. There are just so many variables that can appear to be unconformable for new players, in the way that they might not return. Following that, although newer individuals still might not want to return it could also be that they actually do not have the time. I know that I won't be able to be on during this upcoming school year as much I would usually be, only being able to be on for the weekends. From what I've heard around, it might apply for other people as well. Recently, I know personally that more people have stopped playing the server due to the removal of LFS, and I do understand that Richard, the Head of Staff removed it for a good cause and all, but some players felt unsatisfactory about the whole situation. Considering all of these equations, I think we should work with what we have and move from there, deal with any individual who could potentially threaten the life of the server, which would also apply to those who might be considered; "Toxic".

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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I'm going to keep my response very short, simple, and right to the point:

- SA's spawning in all hell, lagging the server, killing people, ruining RP

- There isn't anyone on, I try to be on by myself or with 1 or 2 people, but there is only so much I can do with that kinda playerbase

- The server isn't very balanced. The vehicles are never well done, they are either too OP or too weak

- Events (that hardly ever happen) are never really original, meaning they get boring

- The way power is set up, you don't really have shit for authority until CPT. rank

- There is almost no management. The only SMT is Richard; who, objectively, has a poor response time from what I have seen. This means a whole lot of work is put on one person, especially with trying to keep the server on it's feet. Plus I haven't seen Zeeptin really trying to do anything about it
    *Note: I say "what what I see", meaning that Richard and Zeeptin could potentially be doing a lot more than I'm necessarily aware of

-  Nothing is very organised. It's hardly RP rather than just a FPS game with a military theme

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