Zach's Extraordinarily Late Intro

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I'm Zach,

Most who know me can identify me by my asthma attacks. So far the only people able to make me get to that point without too much effort are: Scheffer, @Northy, and @GoogleChrome(Danny). I am the Commander of USAF and the DI on MilRP and Head Of Experiments on 1944RP. I play VR and have an Xbox so hmu in my Custom Channel in ts if you wanna play or smth. My room is normally called "Zach's Dark Corner" but it may change if I need it for in game purposes. I am in school currently with 3 AP classes as a sophmore. If you need me, the best way to contact me is through discord. GLHF and remember, Fly High Boys!

Just had to flex how much I want to kms with my schoolwork btw...

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