My Two Year, and My Goodbye

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July 3rd, 2019 marked the two year anniversary of the creation of my forums account for Gaminglight Servers. Unofficially, I joined a few days before, as a PVT on MilitaryRP, but to keep dates simple, I go by the creation of my forums account. Since that fateful day, I have spent two years playing on Gaminglight MilitaryRP, StarWarsRP, S.C.P.RP, Minecraft, 1944RP, and yes, PoliceRP too (exactly twice) - with most of my time being spent on the first. My story on Gaminglight is one of accomplishment, success, failure, and mistakes, but each one made me grow as a person, and I don’t regret any time I’ve spent on the server.


Two years obviously includes plenty of stories, and for those that are interested, here’s the whole thing:


My first experience with Gaminglight was on MilitaryRP. On my second day on the server, I joined the navy when Mike asked me “hey want to join the navy”. Naturally, I got no training, and was just added immediately. From there I worked up to LTJG (equivalent to 1LT). When the entire US forces were ordered to do PT by branch, I lead a navy-only PT for 45 minutes, which was supervised by General Mazzy (Who was the previous branch general of the navy) and Major General Oden, who threatened to demote me if I screwed it up.  I did not, and was promoted to 2LT (equivalent to CPT) for my efforts. A week or so after being CPT, VCMDR tryouts were held, where I responded the best, and was promoted to VCMDR of the Navy. 

After getting VCMDR, I joined the SEALs - Or to be more correct, added myself to SEALs since it was an abnormality that a VCMDR wasn’t special forces, and I could accept my own application. I was then asked to be the leader of SEAL Team Six, which at the time was a big deal on the server, since they were the “event” team, and however these “event” missions ended up, were posted for the entire community to see. When I was first asked, I did not feel I was ready, and declined. A few weeks later, I spoke with Oden, and he gladly did tryouts for me. A short 90 minutes later, I was approved to lead the team.

After being VCMDR for a month or so, my CMDR Chris Kyle was demoted for having 5 strikes, and I was promoted to CMDR. A month and a half after that, my branch general Oden was banned. I proceeded to lead the navy the best as I could while being only a CMDR, and having an inexperienced VCMDR. I applied for Brigadier General on the forums, was accepted, and became good friends with the VCMDR, now a CMDR due to a promotion from Mazzy.

As a Branch General, I lead the navy to be the best it could be, but unfortunately, due to a lack of well-deserving officers, I was pressured to promote VCMDRs that were inexperienced and immature. This lead to a decline of the navy, with VCMDR’s from different time zones, and a shortage of officers. Since Ghanzi didn’t have any water, except for a river, and the navy was only added on the request of a previous manager, EMT decided to remove the navy from the server

When the navy was removed, I was promoted to LTG, along with Scheffer. To compensate for the removal of a branch, the HoS and GOA at the time instituted the rule of LTG’s commanding all branches. Eventually, the GOA at the time promoted both me and Scheffer to General, and we lead the US together.

This is where my story starts to decline. While I was a General, people started to spread rumours about me that I was a minge, and that I had a complete disregard for regulations. Although admittedly there were a few aspects of truth, the majority of the allegations were false. Nevertheless, I was demoted to COL. I spoke to some people in charge, and was able to reinstated as LTG. 

I lead as LTG for a few months, and to be completely honest, I acted unprofessionally, and I acted like I was never demoted. I lead like I was a General. Rightfully so this pissed US Management off. For these mistakes, I was demoted to 2LT. I spoke with the generals, and they generously gave me another chance. From here on I was an MG.


I’m not entirely sure where this fits in timeline wise, but I spent some time as the Engineering Corps commander for Imperial StarWarsRP, and I transferred my staff rank on MilitaryRP for a gamemaster rank. After some creative differences with other members of the gamemaster team, I resigned from that position, and rejoined MilitaryRP as staff a few weeks later.\

I also played on the Minecraft server for its lifespan, and made a one person faction. Due to my efforts and some help from allies, I was able to raid and defeat every other faction, and rose to the #1 spot. On skyblock, I worked together with Gaur on an island complete with a villager Aushiwitz.


After I was made MG, I was put in charge of the United States Military Police.  I lead the MP with a strict, demanding, but understanding attitude. I made sure that the MP was considered to be a more “SeriousRP” branch, and began enforcing a rule that if you were caught minging while on duty for MP, you were blacklisted from the branch. This proved to be quite successful in creating a professional environment that consisted of only people who were dedicated to the cause. The MP became the law it was meant to be inside the base, and made sure that all the rules were followed to a T.


MilitaryRP slowly declined, and no one really knows why, and 1944RP was opened as an alternative server. I joined originally as a British PVT, but then transferred over to the tank division of the United States and was a Captain. This decision was mainly due to them needing officers to promote the enlisted, and since most of my time was on staff, I was whitelisting people most of the time anyways, so it was a good fit. When event team applications opened, I applied, and was accepted as event team head. Scoot, another applicant, was the better choice, but he was promoted to Super Admin instead. Since then, I’ve worked on making events for 1944, but most of the time people don’t get on.


For those who don’t want to spend thirty minutes reading that, the paraphrased version is much shorter. Simply put, I was a Navy man through and through. After leading it for a while as Brigadier General, it was removed, and I rose to General. Some stupid decisions later, I was a Major General of the United States Military Police and I’ve been that since. I’ve been Senior Moderator on three separate occasions, gamemaster once, event team head once, engineer corps commander, and top faction leader on Minecraft.


But now, the time has come for me to say goodbye. A good amount of people reading this might find this sudden departure surprising, but it’s been a long time coming. Originally, I planned to resign when I began my first year of college, but I decided to stay as long as I could. Going into the next school year, I probably still could find time to get on, but Garry’s Mod just isn’t as entertaining as a game as I once felt it was. Don’t get me wrong, I still do enjoy playing on Gaminglight, and I don’t plan on leaving completely - But the responsibility of my roleplay ranks and my staff ranks demand a higher activity than that. Because of this, I would rather be free to get on only when I desire, and not stress about being on a certain amount of time each week.  To be fully transparent, leaving is also in part due to frustrations. On both 1944, and MilitaryRP I’ve put in many hours planning events and improvements to my branch, but the players that these are for don’t get on to experience these. With how busy my life is, I can find many other uses for these hours, other than sitting on the server waiting for people to get on. In no part do I blame SMT for this. They do an amazing job, and I couldn’t ask for anything more - There are some things that are just out of their control. I also don’t mean to put any blame on the players. While it is frustrating, I understand that people don’t want to spend their time doing things they don’t want to, and I have no ill feelings towards them.


Now, as tradition follows, some mentions:


For my friends that have left before me:

You made me who I am today. Thank you for all you’ve done, and while I know you will never read this, just remember that you’re appreciated.


For my friends that I leave behind:

Shit man. This is the hardest part of writing this.. I know some of you will probably be disappointed that I’m not staying, but the time has come, and I’m sorry for that.


Scheffer - You know the story between us just as I do. We butted heads for a long while, and I’m happy to know of what we’ve become. All this stuff with player count pisses you off, and it sucks that there is no easy answer to it all, but I know that you will be able to handle whatever comes your way and I look forward to the day when I see you reach your full potential. You have my respect friend.

Richard - Dad. Keep being you. ❤️

Danny - You got big things for you on Mil, and you can accomplish anything. See you around buddy.

Brandon - The old navy days were the best times I ever had, and I’m glad you were a part of it. It made me proud to see you grow past me and become such a great leader - Keep up the great work.

Chicken / Quinn / Lawrence - You guys were my go to men for everything military police. Thank you for the trust you put in me, and the work you did. I wouldn’t change my picks for the world.

Zach - Your future is bright, and I expect to see you as a general some day. Keep putting in the work and you’ll have no problem. Also, stop breaking your hand.

Marine Shadow - Meme. You’re always good for a laugh, stop by anytime 😉

AWG - Always admired your ability to stay calm in almost anything, and the passion you put into everything you did. You’re a good man.

Scoot - You’re basically Richard’s son.

Gaur - Still pissed that our island was removed. We need to make a new one at some point. Hmu.

Furno - You’re an idiot sometimes, but you got a good heart. You and Danny can bring Military back.


For the people that will come after me:

Good luck, and never forget who you are.


This is USN Commander Androntel

Going Dark

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For someone I didn't know that well to begin with, or particularly like, i'm glad i've had the chance to meet with you. I respected you for always trying to keep up the dying servers, whether it be Mil or 1944, you were always on trying to get more players. I've enjoyed working with you on 1944 and making events for it, and I hope you'll come back to try out the server when it pops back up.

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Well Androntel, it has been a wild ride. It is extremely sad to see you go. Things will not be the same here without you. You always brought fun and laughter wherever you went. All of those late night Teamspeak chats were absolutely flipping hilarious. I remember in MilRP when you spawned in a couple of those OP AF helicopters for an event and then went, “Oops, that might’ve been a bit much.” as every single person on each team were absolutely obliterated. Or when on 1944rp you managed to trick me into putting ‘quit’ in the console when I was asking how to spawn in an ammo crate. I also remember when Scheffer and Richard were trying to set up the ice map, about 6 of us admins: Jaxon, North, Kai, You, Me, and Jesssy were all phys-gunning each other and glitching all over the map because, “Immersion is amazing.” The amount of times we have had ‘admin battles’ when the server was empty is quite hilarious. You are also one of the few who have actually cared about making sure people got their stuff done, like on the Event Team and trying to get people to actually write events. You have also taught me to always be prepared to get up from my computer and get some air into my lungs because apparently I am a giggly bitch when it comes to stupid stuff. You are going to be missed here and we will remember you for a long time coming. Your quotes shall forever be engraved into my channel so there is no excuse for no one to remember you. Your kind words mean a lot to think that I of all people deserve such a high position. Your story is a great one and deserves to be told again and again. You were a great leader to me on DI and MP and will go down as one of the best branches there is. Being in INSCOM was a huge privilege and I will remember all the things you taught me. The GamingLight community shall weep for you today for the great loss that has been suffered. Now I am afraid that I only have one screenshot of you but it is quite memory full in my opinion. - Truly, one of the best ways to illustrate what INSCOM does and the advanced procedures that we must perform to ensure the success of the mission.


I wont.. I wont cry... I WONT CRY. F*** I'm crying.

Much Love, Goodbye My Friend,



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Adrontel you probably not know me that well but I remember you, you bring me into military RP and you promoted me in military RP a bunch of times even at 1944RP but I still remember you as a great General and a soldier in both of those servers. As you bring laughs to me Zach AWG and the rest of people military RP, you are the greatest in the nicest person as you created jokes and made other people laugh because of them. As you move on I hope you the greatest of wells and I hope that you will become who you dream to be and no one else will stop you for it. Safe travels my friend.

P.S. Tell me more of your military life future on Discord please I would love to hear as well



- Cameron T    keep it rolling brother

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Posted (edited)

Androntel i never thought i Would see the day when i would see you resign, but unfortunately you did. We didn't  really spend that much time together but i would like to rember all of them. You your a get General in my eyes.  Some people might disagree with me but i say screw them, you did the best you could do to lead the Navy/MP.  Two things ill never forget about you are McDrontels and the time you demoted me in the Navy.


-USN Seal Team 3 CPT Warwinner

PS. come pop on the server once in a while ok.

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