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SRT Application's 6/28/19

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S.R.T Accepted Applications / Denied Applications

If your name is provided on the list below, congratulations! Your application was reviewed and approved by S.R.T Command!

S.R.T Accepted Applicants:

Wezzy - Thorough Application, Good Work!

Dr. Whale - Well thought out application! Job Well Done! ( Talk to CMDR Matthew )


If you have been accepted and your name is on the list above, please contact an S.R.T Field Training Officer (FTO) for proper S.R.T training! You have 14 days (7/12/19) to be trained properly! If you do not receive training within that time, you will be denied and removed from S.R.T. This means you will have to apply again!

S.R.T Denied Applicants:


If you were denied, this means you, unfortunately, did not seem fit for S.R.T. All applications are carefully reviewed by S.R.T Command and we will only choose the best-fit people! If you were denied, or have seen your name on the list above, this means you were denied! Please wait until 07/12/2019 to apply for S.R.T again! 


- SRT CPT Willy 1T10

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thank you so much for this opportunity, I will not let SRT Command down

300TH POST!!!!

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