Willy's Forum Diplomat Application

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In-Game Name: Willy

Steam Name: Willy

SteamID: STEAM_1:1:76250625

Are you a Senior Moderator+? - Indeed

How many post do you have on the website (150+ REQUIRED)? 336

How often are you online on the forums? I get on the forums when I wake up in the morning, then get on my computer and scroll through forums. Put my input that I need to, then I enter into the teamspeak talk with some peeps. Then I enter and scroll through the forums once again. I would say that I look through the forums every 10-30 minutes or so. So yes, I'm very active on the forums.

What timezone are you in? Central Time

Why would you want to join our Forum Diplomat team (100 Words Minimum)? I'd like to join the Forum Diplomat so I can keep the community safe from any harmful content that may bestow upon the community in the shoutbox, post and etc. . I enjoy the forum everyday due to it's good flowing content, with no vulgarness . I'd like to be apart of that process where many other people like me can really protect these forums account so people may have a good time when they are visiting. I would as well like to help this community more out of the game. So I believe that Forum Diplomat can be a good start in me affecting change outside of the server and streamlining a safe flow of content in the website.

Would you consider yourself to have good judgement? If so, how? I believe I do have good judgement when coming towards difficult situations. I am currently a Super Admin for PoliceRP and I make quick snapped decisions everyday to potentially stop a threat from bloating. In all, my staff rank has really helped me in becoming a person with a much better judgement and I believe I can improve my Judgement even more with Forum Diplomat.

How would you deal with a situation where a user is spamming the shoutbox due to getting banned from one of our servers? If someone begins to spam the shoutbox I'll proceed to delete the messages from that user. Then I would mute him after that, I would look out for any posts he might make in anger so I would be on my toes for anything that might transpire. If it starts to get out of hand, SMT will be contacted for the situation to be dealt  with properly.

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+ Support

He is a great guy and he is good at his job on staff 

He is always there to help, also knows what he is doing

He is really active

Good Forum post count

Just no gif post XD

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