Nikolai False Warn

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Player's In-game: Nikolai

Player's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:52870582

The admin's name in-game: US 101st COL Zach / Zach On Duty

The admin's steam name (If you know it): [GL] DovaElf

What warning did you receive: MRDM / Mic Spam / FailRP / LTAP / NITRP x 300sec minge

Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED):

Why do you think this warn was false: I was alerted to this person already in 101st with the name murica bigmac retard. I took him into a sit and had a conversation with him, in which he said he was Chompy S who is a player who started to minge once in the 101st. He kept going along with what I was saying ad so I was very convinced that he was in fact the person who I needed to minge and warn. I did so, but he was confused and perked my interest when he said he was no Chompy. We had a lot of back and forth and I had to get a second opinion from my lovely higher up, Senior Moderator Marcus. He helped me with ULX commands and got me information that I needed. The steamID for Chompy was in fact, different from Nikolai's. It is enough to show that they are different and he is not the one deserving of the warn. I cannot unwarn people so if an higher up would please remove his warn that would be amazing. I apologized profusely after to Nikolai and I will always make sure in the future to avoid situations.

Extra Information: I am Trial Moderator Zach, posting this because I gave a warn to a wrong person. Please remove it.

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If he said he's Chompy, then thats his own fault. Honestly he’s probably an alt, or one of his friends that was minging with him. 


And the name he had in itself is warrant for a warn.

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