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Massive Vehicle Bug

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Hello Scheffer,

So after some testing and a claim from another person, we realized that apparently tanks/vehicles are invincible...Unless there is a staff member manning the gun hitting the vehicle. Did the following test

Churchill, Transport vehicle, 1 staff member, 2 person (me and another nonstaff)

Got into the churchill, the regular person got into the truck - I shoot the truck with about 10 tank rounds and fire at it for well over 100+ MG rounds. The truck does not die and noone takes any damage.

Staff member gets into churchill - Shoots the truck one time and it immediately explodes.

I think this glitch happens with planes too because I know for a fact that I've hit enemy jets/planes/tanks with multiple strafes and they do nothing yet if Im in a bullet stream for even a second I get annihilated. Yet I've also had these same bullet streams not kill me at all which makes no sense. The thing I don't understand is that simpathys has no innate protections aside from an option to turn damage off and its not role specific so I'm not sure why its effecting things this way. Could this be investigated further?

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