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      Hello everyone yes it's been a long time and yesterday I went on the milrp server to see 0 people on there. upon seeing this I was deeply disturbed and very sad to see this after remembering the good old days where I would destroy tumz on measa and he would get mad, I became MAJ 3 times in the RUAF and me and (forgot his name F) made the RN go POOF, and CPT of the SZ. I would love to see it come up again but this would take lots of money for campaigning. I was introduced to this server 2 years ago and helped me through the worst times of my life. I'm now a freshman in high school and have new friends everyday. I would just like to say thank you to everyone's support on this server and would love to keep in contact.

PS fuck you snookie bear if I wanna kill in UN room lemme do it. <3


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