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“The Encounter with an unknown being”

I have finally regain consciousness

Of what had happen.

-RND DHOR Skela-

The encounter of the unknown.


“Day ###”

Clearance: Col +

Password; toes ^**^^^^{*|€


This article is exposing the encounter of \“Site Director”/

His visual was constantly changing.

Code: {Igneous}


Typically. I would’ve thought of this was to be a dream. But in reality it was all real.

It was a good afternoon, finishing testing and trying to understand the strange devil like portal that was entering the docks.

I suggest not going there, without I checking it out.

Anyhow, ever since I’ve been talking to that “devil” reality been slowing down. Well for me at least.



Memories of what happen is awfully hazed, from which, I had complete no control over my body. And was trapped in a room where reality was upside down, sideways, and backwards.

Couldn’t handle it.

Dolls and blood was everywhere.

What happened?

Anyhow that is beside the point. The main point we’re addressing is that. Human?


{Memory Base}


After the testing, I was called down to the {Redacted} for investigation of an unknown personal from the foundation.

Ah they got me someone to get information from.

I arrived upstairs and see the man, sitting down, tied up and just staring at me.

He was looking dead at me, no blinking, no facial movement. Nothing.

I smirked

It was probably a guy who think he is tough.

I arrange multiple tv / mirrors, and insert a drug into him. Made the lights dimmer and lights completely red.


I unblinded him, and he just stares at me, unfazed.

This scared me a little. But I didn’t hold back.



I heard echoes in my head. Bouncing back and forth. It was a lower voice.

“Look… at my eyes”

My eyes immediately reach to his.

I felt. Controlled?

From what I saw, was multiple visions, identity {Redacted}


I can’t.

Everything seems insane.

I passed out.


I woke up. Seeing he is gone. What the hell happened?

I felt someone is watching me. Someone is near.


{the rest of the logs is heavily redacted}

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