Whitelisting again.

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What you want to see? - MDI and higher get the power to whitelist recruits to ONLY USAF/US ARMY/USMC Soldier

Why should we add it? - I understand perfectly well that all other servers use this system of staff whitelisting only. It is for good reason as well. However, whenever we are asked how we can make the server better and bigger, one thing comes to my mind again and again. It is honestly so blatant to me at least being as the suggestion would aid my branch heavily. Let me put down some context, I was training two recruits at the same time a while back, and I had taken it super slow as there was no admin online at the time and I hoped that one would come online by the time I finished. They did not. I sat there with my two recruits for a good solid hour and a half conversing and showing them around the map without a single admin coming online. I then got off as it was really early in the morning at that point and I was dead tired. When I get on the following afternoon, they are still not whitelisted but they did happen to get them a few hours after that. DI's play such a crucial role in training new recruits and making sure that the player's first time is met with swift integration into the game. They are the first person that recruits should interact with and the DI should be the last person spoke to before becoming a US Military Soldier. Having to explain the situation and the fact that they may have to wait a bit for their whitelists is a little underwhelming and anticlimactic. Having the DI be under strict requirements for whitelisting could be implemented as well to ensure that by no means is anything being abused. Even increasing the requirement of the rank to whitelist could be a good step because then it is known that that person can be trusted with this immeasurable responsibility.

What are the advantages of having this? - Better growth and more people on the server and faster.

Who is it mainly for? - DI's for whitelists, but everyone in terms of benefits.

Links to any content - N/A


I do apologize for bringing this back up but I believe that this is truly the most impact I myself can supply to this topic. Thank you for reading.

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