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All Republic Info on Sorin Markov

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To General Blizzard from the Republic Archives.  This is all the information we have on Sorin Markov.

Name: Sorin Markov

Age: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Family: Unknown

Race: Unknown

Planet Origin: Unknown

Rank: General

Bio: Sorin Markov is a General for the CIS.  It is unknown when he became a general or for how long he has served in the CIS army.  He is in control of the 3rd Division and the 5th fleet.  He also commands a battalion of commando droids.  He has been in 7 battles now with us and has won almost all of them.  He military knowledge has shown to be outstanding and aggressive yet also as if he is disappointed in his opponent.  

He wears mandolorian armor yet we believe he is not mandolorian.  He has not shown their same rules and codes.  He uses weapons we have not seen before and they are very deadly.  He has been arrested once but broke out in less than 24 hours.  We have no description of him or know where he hides. 

He has be seen moving around with a personal group of assassins known as the "Markov Death Squad".  Several have been caught but all refuse interrogation and kill themselves unless rescued.  They wear armor that is the exact look alike to sorin markov so we never know when he is there or is a death squad.  

Sorin Markov is considered very dangerous and the best general the CIS have at this point.  He does not fail his missions ever.  He has been beaten in battle twice by the republic but both times he succeeded in his mission.  He is not to be underestimated.  His resources are more than we can offer general but we are willing to provide any additional resources we may have.  Good luck.

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