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[SCP-343 Interview ] - Research [15/04]

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Form Title: [SCP-343] ~ Research (15/04)

 Lore Name: Simba

Rank: Junior Researcher

Clearance Level: 01

List of personnel involved in testing:


Level D personnel involved: N/A

SCP: SCP-343

Hypothesis: SCP-343 is an entity that claims to have created the universe, my hypothesis was that asking some questions to SCP-343, we could know many things that the humanity has wondered for all eternity, so what I did was ask him the questions that humanity has questioned through all the history.



-JR Simba: First, do you promise to answer all questions truthfully and without manipulation?

-SCP 343: sure

-JR Simba: Perfect, do you remember how and when you were contained?

-SCP 343: no

-JR Simba: You Sure?

-JR Simba: Nothing?

-*No answer*-

-JR Simba: Moving on, you claim to have omnipotence, do you claim to be a "god" or just someone like the rest.

-SCP 343: in this Relm i sadly only have the ability to Fly, and slightly cloak, i do not have the ability to smite ETC

-JR Simba: Mhmm...

-JR Simba: Do you think yourself as a god currently, or your like any of your other "childrens" (humans)

-SCP 343: can you rephrase that questionn for me im having trouble understanding

-JR Simba: Yes of course

-JR Simba: Do you think yourself

-JR Simba: above everyone

-JR Simba: like a god

-JR Simba: or you are more like anybody else just with powers

-SCP 343: i think of my self as kinda 50/50, I am God, but if you break it down i am truely like you with powers

-JR Simba:So, you claim to have created everything in the universe, including the SCPs, Do you also have the power to destroy? For example, if we asked you to destroy SCP-096, you could?

-SCP 343: yes i could, but i need to follow REDACTED orders or i could find my self locked away for a long time

-JR Simba: Lets say an 05 ordered you to destroy an SCP, would you follow that order?

-SCP 343: yes if REDACTED ordered me to then yes

-JR Simba: Good.

-JR Simba: If you claimed to create life in earth, this means you also created death? And know what happends in the afterlife?

-SCP 343: well you see i did create death by making the SCPs, and in most instances i do know what will happen in the afterlife

-JR Simba: Is it possible to explain in a cientific way that humans understand?

-SCP 343: rephrase

-JR Simba: Can you explain what happends when you die?

-SCP 343: most of the time i can see what or where you will go in the afterlife to Heaven be reincarnated ETC, but some times the things you do in your life are so horrific i cant help you.. 

-JR Simba: Do you believe in the bible and what it stands for? If you do, what do you  think of atheist?

-SCP 343 i spoke the word to one of my deciples and he wrote it down for me, because alot of the time i cannot write for my self. Atheists believe in what they believe

-JR Simba: You love humanity?

-SCP 343: ofcorse, but some times hamanity fails, and yeah...

-JR Simba: If you do love humanity like a father to his sons, why create the keter class SCPs that can be deadly to us?

-SCP 343: there are just some people here, i believe you call "D Bois" and they have been sent here because they have failed in the real world, and sadly you are just here for the ride.

-JR Simba: So your saying you created SCPs to kill the d bois?

-SCP 343: yes thats why other godly figures refuse D bois and SCPs to team they should kill each other 

-JR Simba: Whats the meaning of existance of SCPs like 999?

-SCP 343: well not all SCPs are going to be bad when making SCPs they are kinda like experaments that what you call them, but this SCP and a few other have turned out to be nice and helpful, but there are still many that are out there to kill Dbois

-JR Simba: Anyway, last question. If you were to give your powers to someone, you would?

-SCP 343: in this Facility REDACTED has control over majorty of my powers, so in all honesty it would be up to them, they would prob keep the powers.


Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): N/A

Errors and/or safety hazards: No errors happend, the SCP complied and gave interesting answers.

Conclusion: SCP-343 has given interesting answers, we can tell that he created the SCPs for killing D boys, we now know that after death there is an afterlife, called by SCP-343 "heaven" or "hell", apart from this we also know that SCP-343 believes in the bible and what it stands for, this meaning that the bible is actually true, we also know that SCP-343 can perfectly destroy any SCP that the *REDACTED*  orders him to destroy, we know by the phrase "the other godly figures" that there are more SCPs like him with omnipotence and that has to be found, and last but not least, we know that SCP-343 can give his powers to somebody else if *REDACTED* orders him to.

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