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SCP-049 Interview

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Interview with SCP-049



Determining Object class: Euclid


Catsro: Hello 049 my name is Dr.Catsro I will be interviewing you today.


049: AHH yess I’ve heard of you before… Or maybe that was hhhmmmm…


Catsro: I don’t think we have formally met.


049: Why the nickname Catsro? Are you aware of the disease in this individual ( looks at the RCT ).


Castro: Can you cure him? If you can tell me how to make this cure of yours.


049: *laughs* I haven’t tried to cure someone since the days with…


Catsro: Go ahead tell me the details.


049: My friend you refer to as SCP-035 go way back.


Catsro: *attempts to speak french with 049*


049: My French is a little dated I’m not used to this new “French”


Catsro: Let’s get back to this SCP-035 you speak of, what is this name?


049: he is *************


************RECORDING PART 1 was Terminated due to [Redacted] information leaks********


Part 2 not much time has passed


Catso: Let’s try this again will you comply 049?


049: hmm..yesss


Catsro: how do you make the cure is it only one object or does it have multiple parts?


049: *Silence*


Catsro: Answer me or you will will get put in our CC, would you like that?


049: You can’t cure someone who has already been cured.


Catsro: How does the cure work?


049:*Refuses to speak*


Catsro: The test will end here put him back in his CC.

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