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Bev's Captain Application

Should I be Promoted to Captain  

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  1. 1. Should I be Promoted to Captain

    • Yes
    • No

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  1. What is your in-game name (s) ? RU GRU JRLT 423rd GMB Bev

  2. What is your current rank? (Must be 1LT) JRLT

  3. Who would like to see you as Captain? (2 Officers of any RU branch) Jaxon and Rose

  4. Why do you want to be a Captain of RU Core? (100 words min.) I want to become a because I have been on the server before and enjoyed this military servers out of many and I want to help the RU Core grow as a whole. I was also a 1LT before and enjoyed my time back then but I did not apply at the time. I really wish I did but I had family issue and had to dedicate more time to that. I feel I can help the RU because there are only a few officers in the Core.    I also want to become a Captain because I have been much experience as a leader and had even more fun on those servers.

  5. Why should high command trust you with the role of commanding officer?  (50 words min) I should be trusted by high command because I have been in leadership positions before. I have experience with google sheets and google docs because of these experiences. I also was a officer before some time ago and was also trusted then. When I was officer I understood how the server ran on the RU and loved it.

  6. How often can you be online & What is your timezone? I can be on most days of the week. My time zone is EST 

  7. Do you have any active strikes? (If so, you will be denied.) No

  8. How many warns do you have? (Type !warns in-game & no more than 10) 0

  9. Do you understand that Captain is a promoter & respected rank? Yes

  10. Are you willing to fulfill your duties as a newly promoted Captain? Yes

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Not mingey

Ready for Cpt


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Posted (edited)


Waiting for more feedback.

Good Luck! :)


Edited by Gosh2k

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Talk to an RU Core MAJ+ for LT Training

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