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Drill Instructors Informational

Branch General: N/A

Commander: Rac

Co-Commander: N/A

Co-Commander: N/A

Useful Links


DSCPT Application Format:

Salaries and Bonuses

DI will now earn weekly salaries for being a part of the branch. In addition DI will have the ability to earn money from each recruit trained.

Pay rates for the ranks

DST: $1,000

DS: $5000

MDS: $10,000

SDS: $20,000

DSLT - DSMAJ: $40,000

DSLTC - DSCOL: $50,000

DSCC & DSC: $80,000

Rates for recruits trained:

Quick guidelines: $10,000 per recruit

Long guidelines: $22,000 per recruit


Salaries cannot be earned while on LOA, marked Inactive, or if a DSCC+ decides you have not worked hard enough. Salaries will be given out on Saturdays and Sundays, you must be on one of those days to earn it.

Bonuses for training recruits can only be earned if you finish the entire guideline (long or short).

Although regular officers training recruits will not get a salary, they can still earn bonuses.



Drill Sergeant Trainee (DST): DST job | Can train recruits

Drill Sergeant (DS): DS job | Can whitelist for RU: Soldier

Master Drill Sergeant (MDS): N/A

Senior Drill Sergeant (SDS): SDS Job


Drill Sergeant Lieutenant (DSLT): Can train DI | Can apply for DSCPT

Drill Sergeant Captain (DSCPT): Can promote to MDS | DSO job

Drill Sergeant Major (DSMAJ): Can promote to SDS

Drill Sergeant Lieutenant Colonel (DSLTC): Can promote to DSLT | Can train off the job

Drill Sergeant Colonel (DSCOL): Can promote to DSCPT


Drill Sergeants Co-Commanders (DSCC): Can accept DSCPT applications | Can promote to DSLTC | Can strike, demote, and remove

Drill Sergeants Commander (DSC): Can Promote to DSCOL


1. All DI and CPT+ must train any RU: Recruit IMMEDIATELY (Failure to do so will result in a strike).

2. All DI should constantly check the tab menu to look for recruits.

3. If a recruit is spotted and a lower ranking DI is available then they should advert: RU:DI On duty

4. DSMAJ and lower are required to be on their respective DI job.

5. Lower ranking DI are to be the first on duty.

6. If a DSCC+ has to train a recruit while an enlisted is online (and not afk) will result in the enlisted being striked.

7. Higher ranking DI can monitor a lower ranking DI's training at any time.

8. An Officer can subject an enlisted to training at any time (unless the enlisted is a higher rank outside of DI).

9. Recruits may not skip any part of training.


DI strikes will now apply to their main branch as well..

1st strike :  Verbal warning and possible retraining.

2nd strike :  Demotion and mandatory retraining.

3rd strike :  Removal and or blacklist from DI.

Strikes, Demotions, and Removals can only be done by a DSCC+


Enlisted are to be promoted one per day or at officer meetings.

Officers are only to be promoted during officer meetings.

Enlisted are only to be promoted if they are active at training recruits.

Officers are to be promoted for actively training recruits and new DI.

If a DI member does not actively train recruits and or new DI then they are not to be promoted.

Quick Training

If there are many recruits on or the instructor has a reason to finish training quickly then follow this guide.

This will only be over the necessary information, if time is available go through the rest of the guideline.

1. Have recruit change name.

2. Go over squads.

3. Teach them how to use the radio.

4. Tell them how war works.

5. Teach them the basic server rules.

6. Tell them what debrief is about and when to go to it.

7. Finally ask them what branch they want to join and whitelist them.

Training: Recruits

If a recruit refuses to follow orders, acts like a minge, or is generally unruly during training then they are eligible to not be trained.

If you no longer wish to train the unruly recruit then ask for another DI to train them.

If the second DI also believes them to be a minge and/ or unruly, then the minge is not to be trained for RU.

1. Move the recruit to a secured location.

2. Tell the recruit to change their name to: "RU Trainee (Name)".

3. Faces

Right Face :  Turn 90 degrees to the right

Left Face :  Turn 90 degrees to the left

About Face :  Turn 180 degrees right

Front face :  Turn right to the trainer

Test them by making them follow this order: Left, Left, About, Right, Front (LLARF).

If they fail the order at any time they must repeat it entirely.

4. Trigger Discipline

Give the recruit your primary weapon (by either typing /drop, or q>utilities>CW 2.0> drop CW 2.0 weapon).

Use an existing target or (if they cannot see the existing target) create a new one.

Tell them to shoot at the target without hitting you, they must respond with yes to continue.

If they ever hit you then re-explain the trigger discipline rules and try again.

If they use an entire mag without hitting you then continue with training.

5. Training course

The recruit must complete the parkour course within a quick but reasonable amount of time.

If they take too long they must restart.

6. Base Tour

Go over all the important areas of the base.

In particular show them where they can spawn vehicles and where KH is.

Save the Debrief room for last.

7. Debrief

Tell the recruit they must go to DB after every war and if they are late they will be arrested.

Tell them which row they will start off in (RU Core row) and how to sit down.

Go over the DB rules: Salute the DB leader, PTS, etc.

Once they learn the DB rules they can be given the RU: Soldier whitelist.

After they change jobs tell the recruit to return to the DB room.

8. Utilities

Go over how to use the squads and tell them that they should always be in a squad when joining the server.

After they join your squad make them shoot you so they know it prevents damage.

Show them how to use radio and that they should always be in channel 38.

Test if they are in channel 38 by asking them to talk (if they do not have a mic ask them to type /r Radio Check).

Go over how to use the Parachute.

Teach them how to prone and unprone.

9. Base and War Rules

Teach them the rules for PTL and link them the base rules.

Teach them how war works and the rules it follow: What is TDM/DOM, spawnlines, tac camping, etc.

10. Test

Once the recruit is finished with all parts of training test them on how well they remember it.


1. What are the faces? (Left, Right, About, and Front)

2. What should you do after war ends? (Go to Debrief)

3. What should you do after entering DB? (Stand in their row and salute the DB leader)

4. What do squads do? (They prevent teamkilling)

5. What radio channel should you be in? (38)

6. What is PTL? (Permission to leave)

7. Can you cross enemy spawnlines? (No)

If they miss any question go over the area that they missed again.

Once they get every question correct tell them to change their name to: "RU RAD (Name)" and congratulate them for finishing training.

Training: New DI

New DI must be at least the rank of SGT to join.

They must be active on TS and the forums.

They cannot have a history on minging or disrespect.

1. How to train

Link them the DI informational and go over each of the recruit training sections.

Explain each of the sections of the recruit training process.

2. Test

Become a recruit and have them mock train you.

If they mess up or skip over any section have them restart that section.

After mock training go over each and every of the DI rules with them.

If they understand the rules then tell them they will begin as a DST and to add DST to their name.

Give them the DST whitelist, add them to the roster, and monitor their first few recruit trainings.

If they do not train a recruit properly have the DST retrained on every section.


Captain Applications

DSLT can apply for DSCPT after their promotion cooldown is over.

If they apply before their promotion cooldown is over the application will be denied.

Must be active in all areas (Teamspeak, In-Game, and Forums).

Applications will be denied if filled out falsely or lack effort.

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Posted (edited)

Update 8/20/19

-Added a quick training guideline

-DI Strikes will apply to main branch now

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Update 9/11/19

-DI can now earn salaries and bonuses for training recruits.

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