Baka's Custom Class - MTF Omega-7 - Completed

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In-Game Name: 0619

SteamID: STEAM_1:1:170728898

Server: SCP-RP

Custom Job Name: MTF Omega 7 "Pandora's Box"

Color of Job: 226, 47, 188

Job Description: Mobile Task Force Omega-7 is an experimental task force specializing in the acquisition and containment of anomalies utilizing cooperative anomalous humanoid entities, particularly SCP-076-2, Currently stationed as an additional foundation security unit, controllable by all other MTF Cpt.+. Level 3 task force assigned to assist NTF in HCZ and can be called to D Block by an SO ranked MSGT+ during DefCon 2. Can be ordered by any NTF ranked CPL+.


Weapons: tfa_csgo_scar20: Primary, tfa_m92beretta:Pistol

Lockpick or Medkit: Medkit

Proof of Purchase:

Screenshot (119).png

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Completed! Please allow a restart of the server to take place before seeing your custom job/changes in-game. Server restarts happen every morning at 5 AM EST! ?

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