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SCP-035-1 Incident Report

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Name: Dogz

Rank: Senior Researcher

Clearance Level: 3

Date of Incident: 2/10/19

Describe the incident: While attempting to extract Dr Knox from SCP-035's containment chamber, SCP-035-1 ran into the airlock and escaped into the outer level of his containment chamber. 035-1 then escaped to the surface, unknown if assisted by CI.

List classes of SCP(s) involved: SCP-035

Immediate complications due to the incident: SCP-035-1 breached containment

Long-term complications due to the incident (if applicable): SCP-035-1 escaped to the surface, is unknown if any research was done by CI on him.

Type of response towards incident (MTF/NTF/Security/ETC): Found on surface during NTF/MTF raid on CI, terminated in crossfire between MTF/NTF and CI

Resolution towards incident: Ensure that SCP-035-1 is at a safe distance from the airlock before attempting extraction of personnel.

How dangerous was the entirety of the situation?: Moderate

Extra Information: After SCP-035-1 escaped through the airlock, gas was activated inside the cell during the panic, killing Dr Knox, who was still inside.


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btw that shit was funny af

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