SCP-RP Foundation and Chaos Insurgency Meeting

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I will be hosting a Meeting, where all everyone is allowed to attend.

Any member of any department is allowed to attend, however, certain ranks are highly recommended to attend.

Security SM+ are highly recommended to attend.

All Alpha-1 are highly recommended to attend.

MTF NU 7 CPL+ are highly recommended to attend.

All NTF are highly recommended to attend.

Chaos Insurgency SGT+ are highly recommended to attend.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 2/12/19 at 8:00 EST.

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Probably won't be there but none the less R&U 

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Talking Points from this meeting

  • Disrespect

Just stop the disrespect, no more verbal warnings.

  • Recent Promotions

If you have a problem with the recent promotions please go about messaging Dep Site Director+ with valid reasons.

  • Problems/Bugs on the server and talking to SMT

Keypads, disrespect, ANYTHING, do NOT be afraid to come to somebody and talk about a problem, nothing will happen to YOU for telling SMT/Site Administration anything. This also includes problems or complaints with High or Low Command. Google Form Igneous gave out - Link

  • Do not hold Security accountable for EVERYTHING

Security works just as hard as everyone else, besides the obvious minges.


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