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USAF Officer Meeting #11

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Attention to USAF officers

There will be a meeting held this coming Sunday (2/10/19) at 7:00 PM-EST (4:00 PM-PST)

 - Keep in mind that attendance ismandatory and a lack thereof will impact you heavily.

- Plan for this meeting; activity is crucial for all officer's continued service.

- It is automatically assumed you will attend this meeting unless stated otherwise.


If for any reason you are unable toattend, please following the following format:

                                                                                  Name: (In game name)
                                                                                  Rank: (Your rank in USAF)
                                                                                  Reason: (Reason why you are unable to attend)
                                                                                  Last active: (Last time active on the server)

*Keep in mind this form is not to be used repeatedly or loosely. Excessive use of this form/avoidance of meetings will be noted and dealt with accordingly.

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