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Shadow The Hedgehog

Shadow's / Emile's Stealth Operation Colonel Application

Should I become an officer / colonel of this battalion?   

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  1. 1. Should I become an officer / colonel of this battalion?

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1) In-Game Name: Stealth Operations Advanced Assault ARC First Lieutenant Shadow / Emile A239 Noble 04

2)  What ULX ranks do you have the e.g master, knight GM or admin? : Grandmaster

3) Current Rank:  First Lieutenant

4) Playtime on the server: 2 Weeks.

5) How many warns do you have?: I have 3 warns from 2016 / 2017.

6) Why do you wish to be an officer in Stealth ops? :  I would like to become an Officer for the Stealth Operations faction / battalion / legion, because I would like to guide our fellow troops into stealth-driven scenarios, in accomplishing whatever we may need to, as well as training others who would like to become apart of the Stealth faction, to populate and establish a well - trained core of soldiers.

7) Why should you be trusted with the rank of 2LT? :  I believe I should be trusted with the rank of second lieutenant, due to the fact I have the necessary skills to becoming a great and noble leader,  who will sacrifice himself for the welfare of others.

8 ) What changes would you like to see a change in the regiment and how can you help us : I would like to see more weaponry and more reasonable equipment that the Stealth Operations can utilize. Following that, I would also like to accommodate fellow troops as a commanding officer to help those with whatever they may need at any given time. 

9) Officer Recommendations? : Not Applicable.

10) How often can you be on the server with this job?: Weekends / Throughout the week due to school, and this Winter Break.

11) Do you have a working mic? (Yes/No) : Yes, I do.

12) What is your timezone?: Central Standard Time.

13) Do you agree to dedicate yourself to Stealth ops be professional, and follow all server and regimental guidelines?:  Yes, I do agree to display myself as a professional, and I will abide by all of the servers' guidelines.

14) Do you understand that upon being accepted, you will subject to a minimum one week trial period and extensive training?:  I do understand.

~ Shadow ~  Noble 4 Operative A239 Emile; United States Army Delta Force Vice Commander

"The Last Remaining Spetsnaz"  Nemo Resideo.

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~ Denied ~

You say that you're active on weekends but I haven't seen you on Stealth ops for awhile. You need to show the potential of a Colonel to become one. If you are already a 1LT and dedicated to the job, I am sure you'll get there soon enough. 

~ Beckett / Jedi HC Master Ki-Adi Mundi / Jedi General of Stealth Ops


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