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Name: Robby Peppers(My irl name is Matthew)

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:143018883

In-game Name: Robby Peppers

Why do you want to be EMS(150 word minimum): There are a lot of reasons I want to be EMS. I am a former EMS Head Paramedic. To me, EMS is a tight family that is always there for each other. EMS is primarily an RP Department that helps improve RP on the server. During my time in EMS, I was an amazing paramedic, but during my time as a Head Paramedic, my activity started dropping because I was juggling multiple departments. I ended up resigning 3 months ago, and I feel that I am ready to come back and contribute to the Department as a whole again. I have seen major improvements in EMS since I resigned, and I would love to come back into the department again. As EMS, my job is to await medical calls, drive to them SAFELY, and revive them, and if it is a criminal situation, I would let the officers arrest him. I feel that being EMS is a crucial part of the community, and I belive I can contribute if I can join back, and make a difference in the department. Thanks for reading this, and I hope you will let me back into EMS. Thank you!

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   Reason: Before you were a minge, you were very disrespectful, and never listened to high command

                                                                                Reapply in 3 weeks. 

-Deputy Chief Toxitman

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