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Name: Ryan 


In-Game Name: Toxic


How many warns to do have: 0


Why do you want to be EMS (150 word minimum)

I would Like to join the ems Service As i have past experience in Many Ems services i believe i can make a good Paramedic cause of my past skills my knowledge And i believe i can use these skills in the ems department i have watched players die and ems are very responsive i'm very active at most of the days and i would really like to join the ems i love helping civilians and giving them medical care i want to be a good paramedic and help out the city i'm very responsive to all things i have past  Leadership skills in others Departments i know a lot about medicine and i love role playing and tell them there current state and they are i have done med school in other departments i was deputy chief and i took a good standing of the role i was fir for the role but then the server was closing down so it was time for all my Paramedics and Senior doctors to Leave EMS and i have had a break for some departments so i'm ready to be back in a department i would like to have a chance In EMS 


Can you attend the meetings on Saturday at 6pm EST? (Mandatory): Yes

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        Welcome to EMS contact a FTO before 2 weeks pass from this post 

                                                                                                      -Deputy Chief Toxitman C2

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On 1/10/2019 at 7:23 PM, Toxic2 said:

i have 2 warns, my in game name is Cdsnuffer

I would like to become EMS because I like to help people and I have had other Ems experience on other servers just like this one. I also like just getting out there and helping the community live. I also know that if a scene isnt code 4 i don't go in to that scene i stage down the road from that scene and wait for it to be code 4. I also cant heal police officers if they are in the middle of a stand off with the suspects. 


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