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Name: Roman Gardner


In-game Name: Ryan 


How many warnings do you have?: 0


Why do you want to be EMS(150 word minimum):I want to Join the EMS team because I want so badly to be a paramedic In Real Life but to start I know it's in RP but still I want to get some experience and also, when I am on I barley see and EMS on. I want to help the server with having at least 1 medic on daily. on another note, I have in game experience 1 way being a LCPL in the police force and I want to help out the medics because I am losing interest in being police on this server and want to try something new. I also think that it would be fun to show people that medics have a place in PoliceRP as well as much as the crooks and police do, I mean hell who do you think does the dirty work at crime scenes? The medics that's who. and besides it would be nice to use some of my knowledge as not only a certified first-aid but also a Eagle scout. that knowledge in RP would be great because  Then I see medics reviving them I see them say "checking for pulse 3..2..1 CLEAR!" then "do you need medical attention?" and wait for a response. I'm not saying it's wrong but I think that if they did a little RP in it like "/me checks body for wounds and major injuries" Besides that I want to overall help out the community with adding an additional to the EMS Team. (I apologize if this does not reach the requirement of 150 words)

Yours Truly: Ryan 

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 Make sure you review the SOP so you are ready to go.


Congrats, and welcome to EMS! Make sure to join the discord at !



Alex Rollin

 EMS Deputy

Applications/FTO Leader


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