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Name: Tyler D.


In-Game Name: Tyler Devine


How many warnings to do have: 5 (Over a year old)


Why do you want to be EMS (150 word minimum):  I want to be apart of EMS because I am a Firefighter/EMT explorer for my city and I am experienced in this field. I've been on real-life scenes and understand how the jobs work and I can bring a new level of realism to the server. Me being in EMS I could share my personal knowledge of the EMS and Fire Service field. I've known of gaming light since last year in June. I've played for about 4 months then. I also take EMT classes at a local college. Being part of EMS will keep me close to what I like to do and expand other peoples knowledge about EMS and the Fire Service.


Can you attend the meetings on Saturday at 6pm EST? (Mandatory): I should be able too but I will contact someone if I can't attend ahead of time.

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Posted (edited)


           Did not meet word count

                             Reapply in 2 days

    -EMS Deputy Chief Toxitman. Job Overseer

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