PD Meeting 12/21/18 - Notes

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Rockford City Police Department

PD MEETING 12/21/18 - Notes

I am personally going to start doing this just incase you missed the meeting. I hope this helps officers who missed this meeting! 


SGT's+ TrainingALL SGT's+ need to look at this post (LINK) and comment "Read and understood." Any SGT+ not willing to train may be demoted to CPL. If you do NOT want to train, as a SGT+, then you may ask command to be demoted to CPL so you do not have to. And if there is more than 1 SGT's+ on, switch turns on training, than one person training all cadets!

Driving: All officers need to fix their driving. Code 3 does NOT mean to go as fast as you can, if means to go fast and efficient to the call or situation. I see many times officers driving fast, crash and blow up their car and lose health. Then when you finally get on scene your low on health and die, or your to late to the situation and its code 4. Please drive efficiently

Call-Sign / Name: Please have the correct formats for names and call-signs! Please refer to the police officer guide.

ShootingPlease watch where your shooting! 3-4 weeks ago, Deputy Chief of Police Bob Bob got killed by blue on blue (Friendly Fire). ALL OFFICERS ARE RESPONSABLE FOR EVERY BULLET THEY SHOOT.  Officers should never shoot if there is an officer in front of them. Mainly be careful where your shooting. 

Bank and General Store Robberies: We still have officers running into these situations. As PD you must follow perimeter procedures, on the police officer guide, and should NEVER go into these situations unless tac units give you permission. SGT's+ should remind your cadets a lot during training so they do not break this rule!

Partner System: Please be in partners when there is 10+ police officers online! If officers are NOT following this rule, you may get demoted. Specially during martial law, all officers should have a partner for your and your partners safety! Refer to this partner system post


  • Protecting President. Officers should remain on patrol doing their jobs, not doing Secret Service job. If you want to protect the president join SS. (Application
  • Radio: Officers are not getting on radio. If you are caught with your radio not on, you may get demoted. Radios provide a lot of information: where your at, if you need units, and coordination. A lot of officers are also yelling over radio, that is not needed and you may also get demoted for that. Do not interrupt anyone during their transition! While dispatch is online, have strict radio discipline and address your self before talking. Example below.
    • Example when talking to dispatch: *Officer* "1L25 to dispatch" *Waits for dispatcher to give permission to talk* *Dispatch* "Dispatch, 1L25 go ahead" *Officer* "1L25, I am going to be on a 10-38 with a blue BMW with a black spoiler, occupied by 2. Located by hospital. No additional required." *Dispatch* "Dispatch, 10-04 showing you on a 10-38." *END*
  • Pursuits: While in a pursuit officers need to keep saying their 10-20's on radio! This is important in case you need help or additional(s) to stop the pursuit.

Big Promotions:

  • CPL Bryan to SGT!!! Congrats!!!
  • CPL Baily Apple to SGT!!! Congrats!!!
  • SGT Mikey to MSGT!!! Congrats!!!
  • SGT Wheat to MSGT!!! Congrats!!!


I personally want to say merry Christmas and happy new year! 


~Colonel Matthew

Picture made by: Bob Bob


Edited by [GL] Matthew

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