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Forum Diplomat Guidelines

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Forum Diplomat

These guidelines are subject to change at any given time. It is your responsibility to stay up to date and read it thoroughly!


Your Objective

Your primary goal as a forum diplomat is to moderate and clear any material that may be harmful to Gaminglights well being, or any member of the community. Also, it is your job to maintain a high level of confidence while moderating the forums. If you don't believe a topic or piece of content is needed, there is no issue with moderating it and then asking for further approval from a Head Diplomat.


Getting Started

Once you have gone through both your application and tag assignment, you are ready to start moderating the forums!


Chatbox Moderation


Pencil Tool: Used to edit messages within the chatbox. DO NOT use this unless you are correcting a grammar mistake in your OWN message

Delete Tool: Your main tool for moderating the chatbox. This is to be used for some of the following reasons

  Spamming Chatbox (3 or more messages), inappropriate links/content,  Advertising,  ETC


Post Moderation


Hide This is your primary tool for moderating posts on the forums! If a post needs to be hidden, click the "Hide" button, and then provide a reason. Posts that are hidden must ALWAYS have a reason for being hidden

Move - This tool requires approval from either a head diplomat, or a head admin+ requiring a post to be moved to a specific location

Delete - This tool requires approval from either a head diplomat, or a manager+ to be used. If a post needs to be blocked from other forum users view, please always use the hide tool.


Other Requirements/Tips

  • Never hide anything posted by a Head Admin+
  • Use common sense! Consult other forum diplomats if you are unsure about moderation!
  • The forum diplomat response form is required to be filled out for every post hidden, moved, or deleted
  • Forum warns are only supposed to be given by Head Admins+! Do NOT use the forums warning function
  • Reasons must be given for every hidden post. Not given a reason may result in a strike!
  • Forum diplomat is a privilege. Don't target other forums members/be unfair in moderation!



Forum diplomat utilizes a strike system for its members to ensure a safe and well kept forum made by said members. You will receive strikes if you are either not moderating correctly, or have abused in some way.

1st Strike: A documented verbal warning.

2nd Strike: A documented last warning explaining that any further strikes will lead to the removal of your diplomat position

3rd Strike: Removal of diplomat position


If you are a Forum Diplomat and you have read through these Guidelines

Please put "Read and Understood" in the comment section


Made by Snar

Approved and Edited by ArmyGuy


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Read and Understood 

Edited by Invaliff

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Read and Understood

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