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SCP Beta-Testers Accepted List

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The following people will be assisting in the beta testing of SCPRP tomorrow at 7:00 PM EST!

  • Krimson
  • Shadow
  • Robby Peppers
  • Invaliff
  • Toaster
  • Gibbi
  • Spooks
  • Death
  • Jeff Jr
  • Jeffe
  • Kade
  • Razonix
  • Walrus
  • Ajax

Thank you to all of you that applied, I am very happy so many of you were so interested in helping out the community. However, as I said on that post this is going to be a small beta-test run as it is the first one. To determine the beta-testers I used their ranks, their knowledge of the SCP cannon, as well as if they beta tested other servers for us before. For those of you not accepted this round, you may be accepted for another round in the near future.

It is very important that the accepted beta-testers be in the TS tomorrow at  6:30 PM EST, which is thirty minutes prior to the actual beta testing at 7:00 PM EST!  Zeeptin and I will be calling for all of you via whisper to report to a specific room. Once everyone is there, we will distribute passwords, bug documents, and set the rules. Once again, thank you to all of the people that applied!

- Mikedagamer & GL SMT 




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Hope testing goes well and you guys get to fix and debug everything before launch. I sadly could not apply as it was a scheduling issue but I would love to be part of the team if I just could. Best of luck and cheers to a good, happy and successful testing section.

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1 hour ago, Ajax said:

Already bought Patron (better let me keep beta testing lmao)

you can beta test until it is fully relised xD


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