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Carpenter John

How to Make and Sell Lean!

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Step 1: Purchase 1 or 2 Lean Barrels from the F4 - entities menu.

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Step 2: Place the Barrels down in your desired spot. Then click E on the barrel and purchase all the required ingredients by clicking each column until it meets the quota.

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Step 3: Begin the mixing process by clicking E on the barrel.

A74B8DDE1C6170BA199AD1658EB3D75ECCAE903B (1920�1080)

Step 4: Once the mixing process ends, you are ready to start collecting your lean. Do this by purchasing a paper cup from the F4 - entities section and push it into the lean barrel using your gravity gun.

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Step 5: Once you have collected 2 full lean cups, you are able to either drink them for a temporary speed boost or place them in crates and bring them to dealers scattered around the map in alleyways and such.

A01C0E399EC13CD72B5485B886AEE3FACA56613F (1920�1080)

Step 6: Repeat all previous steps to begin making profit! You make 150K per 10 lean. We hope you enjoy!



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