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USAF ATC Application (2018)

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Air Traffic Control Application

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Requirements :

  • Have to be in USAF

  • Must be MSGT+

  • You need to read the ATC Informational

  • Can’t have any active strikes

  • You need to be a certified pilot

  • Have to be active


  • Must have two AFSOC Elite Pilot or AFASC permission


Air Traffic Control Application :


1. Your full USAF Name :

2. USAF Rank (MSGT+) :


3. Are you a certified pilot :

4. What’s your callsign :

5.Why should We trust you with ATC (50 words minimum):

6. Do you have any active strikes :

7.Have you read the ATC Informational (You Will be tested) :

8.How much in game time do you have :

9. Permission:

10.  Are you active on Gaminglight Teamspeak :

You need 3+ supports to be accepted.  You may not ask for a +support or you will be denied.  Ask an AFSOC Elite Pilot or AFASC for permission,  Once you get two, go ahead and apply.  Your post needs a poll.  



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53 minutes ago, Androntel said:

Was this approved?

Yes, John approved it.



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