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RU Core PT Guide

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Core PT Guide


When to Give PT

PT should only be given as a disciplinary action. If the enlisted try their best, but do not come out on top, TRAIN THEM. However, if the loss was caused by troops messing around, give them PT. Also, feel free to give PT to a certain soldier, that may have been spamming micspamming over radio, or TKing during the war.


How to Give PT

PT should consist of three things.

- A lengthy task

- A tedious task

- Mental task

(Feel free to combine 2 into one)


PT Tasks

Any of the following are accepted PT methods, feel free to make your own up as you go. At least 2 tasks should be done, adding up to lengthy, tedious, and extra physical.

- Run. Can easily count as lengthy task

- Pushups. Can be tedious if done correctly. Do NOT do grammar pushups, have them count however they want

- Long series of faces. This can be done as a tedious task as well

- Giving troops a series of points to run to, and if they mess up the order, make them restart. This is a lengthy task

- Having troops recite certain things off memory, like point names and weapon stats (go easy). This is a mental task

- Any other that you want to do, as long as they are not grammar pushups, are fine by me.

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1 hour ago, Rook said:

Make sure to do this if we ever lose a TDM

What part of "pt is to be disciplinary only" dont you understand

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