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Skull Operations Informational

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Skull Informational


Skull Overseer: Borith

Assistant Overseer: Flame




Overseer (SKOV) : Can Promote to Assistant Overseer

Assistant Overseer (SKAOV) : Can promote to Junior Officer


Skull Head Officer (SKHO) : Can Promote to Lead Operator

SKJO Junior Officer (SKJO) : Can train for Skull


Lead Operator (SKLO)

Skull Tactician (SKT)

Skull Operator (SKO)


Skull Information

Skull are advanced vehicle destruction operators trained to dominate enemy vehicles with precision and efficiency. Their training is a combination of destruction and teamwork, which when brought together is deadly. Skull act swiftly, with every action predetermined. Skull are best in groups, using their knowledge of vehicles and their anatomy to place a bullet almost surgically in a vehicle, causing its destruction. Do NOT get in their way, if they have a mission, they will finish it. The last person that got in their way was [REDACTED], the next morning he was found dead with the skull symbol on his chest.


Skull Rules

- Skull should work with the Scouts to track vehicles and set up traps and destroy them

- Skull should organize with each other to maximize efficiency.

- Skull is classified, if questioned about it, try being indirect with your answers

- Skull are to let their fellow troops know a threat is down. They can do this how they want, but it should be completed by one person, the highest skull that participated in the destruction

- Skull are to focus on their objective, and not be swayed by small inconviniences


Joining Skull

You must be SGT+ to join skull. It is best if you have access to the GRU classes. Speak to a JO+ for joining scouts. If you cannot contact one, contact me and I can train you.


Skull Training Guidelines (Junior Officer+)

- Accuracy training

- Physical Training (just do obstacle course and help them with climbing)

- Weapon training, explain some good classes for Skull operations

- Inform them of vehicle weakpoints. The tail rotor on a helicopter, top if a tank, no patricular weak spot on a tank that can be consistently hit

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