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Scout Informational

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Scout Informational


Scout Leader: Spencer

Assistant Leader: Kilo




Scout Leader (SCL) : Can Promote to Assistant Leader

Scout Assistant Leader (SCAL) : Can promote to Junior Officer


Scout Senior Officer (SCSO) : Can Promote to Senior Scout

Scout Junior Officer (SCJO) : Can train for Scouts


Senior Scout (SGM)

Advanced Scout (ASC)

Scout (JSC)


Scout Information

The scouts are a group of highly trained soldiers whose main goal are to provide information to the rest of the army about the movements of enemy soldiers, ground vehicles, air vehicles, and squads. Scouts are expected to leave several minutes before war to track enemies. High points are favored over low, as they provide the most view over an area. It is highly recommended the scouts carry a sniper, not only does this allow for long range combat but it also allows for longer range scouting.


Scout Rules

- Advanced scouts can go by themselves at 8:00.

- Senior scouts can go scouting with a group and take Scouts on missions at 10:00.

- Missions should be reported using this format: " (rank) (name) is leaving on a scouting mission. I am bringing (names) with me."

- Scouts MUST report their findings to their fellow troops through adverting like this "There are (amount) troops at (location)."

- Scouts are to maintain seriousness, this is a big job.

- Scouts are to travel in groups of 2 as often as possible.


Joining Scouts

You must be SGT+ to join. Speak to a JO+ for joining scouts. If you cannot contact one, contact me and I can train you.


Scout Training Guidelines (Junior Officer+)

- Accuracy training

- Physical Training (Needs to be able to climb effectively)

- Sniper test/training

- Explain and test them on the adverts

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