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Official Global Prop Guidelines

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Global Perma-Prop Guidelines:

All members and staff must obey all of the guidelines below to get props perma-propped. Following these guidelines will save you and staff time. Also, Superadmins are is always willing assist you, never be afraid to ask us for something!


Only Vice Commanders and Commanders of a specific battalion can ask for things to be perma-propped. 

Offices, bunks, etc. should have NO MORE than 30 props. (Unless given permission by SA+).

We will not perma-prop rag dolls, eye-sores, things that break lore, and/or inappropriate things. So please do not ask.

Offices, bunks, etc. should only have a max of two TV’s. You cannot have a billboard-size TV.

Only SA+ can perma-prop, however you should never  trouble SMT for simple perma-propping, unless you cannot find any SA. Chain of command!!!

Please refrain from constantly asking for revisions. If it’s perma-propped its perma-propped! 


JMT & SMT reserve the right to deny props at their digression

Approved by CloneWars SMT for use for all players and staff members

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