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USAF Air-Traffic Control Informational

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USAF AFSOC ATC Informational


Team Leaders: 


•What is an ATC operator? : ATC stands for Air Traffic Control.  They have control over all US aircraft in the sky. They sit in the AFSOC ATC tower and watch for Airborne vehicles.  They grant permission to take off to aircraft in the sky.  They will tell ALL pilots to be in a certain radio channel while flying.  They too will be in that channel commanding the aircrafts that are landing, flying, and taking off.


•How to get permission to take off? :  First you need to get PTL. Then you advert your rank, name, callsign and that you’re trying to take off.  Finally, state what aircraft (AC) you’re in. They will advert All clear or denied.



/advert This is (Name/rank) Callsign: (callsign) requesting permission from ATC to go airborne.  AC:(Aircraft)


Ex: This 1LT Name Callsign: 808 requesting permission from ATC to go airborne.  AFSOC: Negative || AC: Littlebird

ATC Codes:


•Code RED:  All friendly Aircraft in the air must land.  The airspace is being shutdown! Failure to do so will result in an arrest.


•Code GREEN:  This will be adverted when a Ground Code is over. This is means all USAF Pilots can take off.  This doesn’t mean they have PTL!


•Code YELLOW:  All aircraft must stay grounded and wait for ATC, High command or AFSOC orders.


•Code SPEC-OPS:  This code means all USAF Basic Helicopter pilots must stay grounded.  The sky is for AFSOC members only until Code GREEN is



•Code Blackhawk:  An AFSOC Aircraft near US base must land to pick up High command and transport them to a location.  


•Code Vertigo:  All US attack aircraft are ordered to shoot down a Russian aircraft!  Transport pilots are ordered to stay away!


•Code White-Rhino: (will be called on a target) All AFSOC Elite Pilots target a certain location


How to use ATC to Pilot radio:


•When ATC is calling someone over the radio, they will state your Callsign.  They will say your callsign using the NATO phonetic alphabet.


Ex:  Callsign: Whiskey-One-Echo RTB! Code: Blackhawk



•When you’re coming back to base to repair, inform ATC.  Tell them how damaged your helicopter is. (Alpha1/2/3). If you have no ammo, say Winchester.


Ex: Callsign Whiskey-Four-Charlie is RTB.  Alpha2, Winchester




•Radio language:

Airboss: Highest commanding Pilot on

Chief 2: Second highest commanding pilot on

Tiger: An Elite Pilot

Lion: A PO

RTB: Return to Base

A/A: Air to Air

A/G: Air to Ground

Alpha(1/2/3): Describes how damaged your aircraft is.  

   Alpha1: No damage

   Alpha2: Minor Problems

   Alpha3: Very damaged

Angels: Altitude

ASC: Air Space Coordinator

PO: Pilot officer

Metro: Helipad/maintenance center

Tango: Enemy

Winchester: Out of ammunition

Mayday: Crashing

Angel: Rescue aircraft

Bird: Aircraft

Cherubs: Flying low (20m and below)

A1: Any Aircraft carrying a Brigadier General +


What to do if an Aircraft goes rogue:


If you see a helicopter taking off without checking in with ATC or getting permission advert the following,

Unidintified aircraft this is ATC, state your Callsign and land your aircraft now!  Failure to do so will result in being shot down and punished!


You need to check if it is an AFSOC member before shooting them down.  If they don’t do so, advert for MP to shoot down the helicopter and arrest the pilot.  


Airspace regulations:


  1. All ATC and AFSOC aircrafts control lower ranked aircraft.

  2. You must listen to all ATC commands

  3. You must inform ATC when you’re coming back to base/leaving over radio.

  4. You must always be on radio while flying.

  5. Do not yell over others

  6. If there are multiple pilots in the sky, try not to fly right next to them

  7. Stay on different altitudes as other pilots in order to stay safe

  8. When directed to fly at a certain altitude you must do so.

  9. Friendlies shooting down an AFSOC helicopter will result in an automatic AOS and possible demotion.

Approved by: GOA John


Edited by Northy


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