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Should Bronzz Becrome GRU  

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  1. 1. Should I be a GRU Officer

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What is your in-game name? RU 2LT DI Bronzzz

What is your steam name? Bronzzz

What is your SteamID?  | steamID64:

How much time do you have in-game? 2 days

What is your rank? 2LT

Why do you want to join GRU? I would like to join GRU Because it unlocks better classes and it also enables me to support other players. I also try my best to support my team and play the objective more effectively. 

Why should we pick you over other players?What are your strengths and weaknesses?  You Should pick me over other players because I offer more tactical strategies over other player and I also have a lot more experience compared to other players. My strengths are that I like to support my team when they are down.

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