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inholster removal

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3 hours ago, calcraw23 said:

-/+ Support  

Keep invholster 

make it fail rp to holster your gun in a situation where you know you will die because you don’t want to lose a gun 

make invholster binds banned and warnable if you use them 

In opinion invholster can stay but I’m starting to get second fellings tbh because it’s got to the point where me and my follow SRT members where patrolling and we saw someone walking around the streets with a nova on safety (not even joking btw) we hop out of the car and we go up to them we say we are going to search them and we find nothing because of a invholster bind it’s got to point wher ppl are using them to cop bait 

I think we need seriously talk about these binds


that would just waste admins  time 

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2 hours ago, Joe Mama said:

Does /invholster show up in logs?


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