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PoliceRP Super Admin Guidelines

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PoliceRP Super-Admins

You are expected to:

  • Respond to posts that require you to on the Forums.

  • Be professional at all times.

  • Be active in the Forums AND in-game.

  • Report any information you think may be important to SMT


You can:

  • Report, ban players.

  • Use your permission such as Noclip to build bases, move vehicles with your physgun ETC.

  • Tell other staff what to do in terms of, going to sits and handling things (No strikes/demotions)

  • Use your office for private matters or discussions involving you and another player/staff


You can’t:

  • Spawn C4 and blow up a bunch of innocent civilians.

  • Remove Perma Props

  • Use any government weapons/items on criminal (Tazer, Handcuffs ETC.)

  • Use any weapons, armor, or health that provides an unfair advantage over normal players.

  • Spawn weapons or vehicles for other players.

  • Use your office to seclude yourself from players/staff, unless playing a game not involved with Gaminglight.

  • Give yourself or others money.

  • Use spawned vehicles as ramming device.

  • Add vehicles to car dealers or modify any VCMod settings.

  • Add any sort of prop modifications to your vehicles.

  • Use your power to unfairly punish other players/staff.

  • Use your position as a reason for you to be right, justify your reasoning for whatever involved.

  • Do NOT spawn in gas mask(s) on criminal for yourself or for others. (Through the "Q" Menu)


   Guidelines for Health & Armor

Following health/armor modifications are not to be used at all.

  • Your health should never be over 100

  • When using armor on criminal it should never be more than 100

  • When using armor on government it should never be more than 255


Guidelines for Weapons

Following weapons are not to be used at all.

  1. KF2

  2. SLAM

  3. RPG Launcher

  4. Crossbow

  5. Frag Grenades

  6. AR2

  7. Manhack Gun

  8. Voice Amplifier (Unless SMT approved)

  9. Baton (Knock Out)

  10. Fire Bombs

Following weapons are not to be used when on criminal.

  1. Flash bangs

  1. Mustard Gas

  2. Breaching Charges

  3. Police Shield

  4. Stun Gun

  5. Ticket Book

  6. Hand Cuffs

  7. Spikes

  8. Battering Ram

Following weapons are not to be used on government.

  1. Restraints


   Guidelines for Vehicles

Following Vehicles are not to be used at all.

  1. Porche Tricycle

  2. Super Secret Vehicle

Following vehicles are not to be used when on government.

  1. Rescue Truck (Unless of proper rank)

  2. Unmarked/slicktop (Unless proper rank)

  3. Semi Trucks

  4. Taxi

  5. Bus

Following vehicles are not to be used when on criminal.

  1. Any car containing ELS.

  2. Any car with a siren.

If you are using a custom car that someone bought and they request you of t use it, don't use it then

This document only applies to the Super Administrators of PoliceRP

Document made and approved by PoliceRP SMT


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