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Found 19 results

  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AY39xLSO_ztOY78TXfNMEqAJmKBWshV3C_GbcasXkRo/edit?usp=sharing Hello.
  2. Name: Jummy Bagels Rank: Associate Researcher SCP: 1048 Question: How would different Types of paper and Pens/Pencils Affect SCP 1048 Capability to draw? Background Research: SCP 1048 has enough cognitive function to communicate through crude drawings Hypothesis: SCP 1048 would have struggled to draw normally because of inexperience with different drawing tools Observations: Paper used: Generic Brand sand paper Pencil/Pen used: Standard crayola crayon Result: SCP 1048 made a portrait of SCP 572, Nicknamed "Mr Fish", SCP 1048 when "finished" with the drawing proudly presented it to the researchers and other staff present. Analysis: SCP 1048 had the ability to adapt to different kinds of paper quickly, However Different types of pens/pencils have not been tested yet, we are awaiting future testing
  3. WARNING! This file is restricted to clearance level 2 personnel and above If you are lower than this level, please report to security immediately Researcher Name: Vladimir Rank: Associate Researcher SCP: 173 and 1048 Question: Since SCP-1048 does not have any bones, but still has a neck, would it survive SCP-173? Background Research: SCP-173 is a sculpture made out of concrete and rebar with traces of spray paint. SCP-1048 is a small, sentient teddy bear that is roams around the facility. Hypothesis: SCP-1048 will not die from SCP-173 because they have no bones and therefore SCP-1048 would survive. Observations: SCP-1048 was ordered to enter SCP-173's containment chamber at site [REDACTED]. The gate was shut behind SCP-1048 and it was ordered to look away from SCP-173. The bear complied, and after two seconds of waiting , the windows to SCP-173's chamber were opened to reveal SCP-1048 on the ground with its head inverted and its body laying motionless. Three D-Class were then brought in to look at SCP-173 while I retrieved the corpse of SCP-1048. After multiple hours of being monitored, SCP-1048 was declared neutralized and incinerated. Evidence: The test was observed by MTF Sulfur, and partially by Dr. Bright Conclusion: It appears that SCP-173 is able to kill, or at least will attempt to kill anything, even if the thing has no bones. Further research will be required to determine why this is. Was my hypothesis correct?: No, SCP-1048 has been neutralized
  4. The Life Givers Kiss
  5. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pDk--l0-yAaD-fVUUlDwrTvb48sP07EX6eGp5STUWCI/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Lore Name:Danny Boi Rank:AR SCP:SCP-1048 Question / Idea:Bring three D class in a room with him Background Research:SCP-1048 can be agreesive at times Hypothesis:I think they will get along Observations (What Happened During Test):SCP-1048 attacked them because they were attacking him and they killed SCP-1048 Evidence/Visual Stimuli: None Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results):SCP-1048 is dead Was Your Hypothesis Correct?:No
  7. Lore Name: : Luke Ironcrest Rank: Associate Researcher SCP: 1048 Question / Idea: How will scp 1048 respond to other modes of art. Background Research: reading up on the scp Hypothesis: it will love higher quality supply Observations (What Happened During Test): THe bear was given the following items to see which mode of coloring is its best and most liked by the bear ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pencils and paper ---> Just scribbling Pen and paper ---> Child like drawing Oil pastels ---> a nice drawing of himself water paints ---> the same self portrate but messy Charcoal and paper ---> a charcoal drawing of himself High quality oil paints and canvas ---> a super colorful self portrate {Still messy} ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evidence/Visual Stimuli: test longs and supply acquisitions Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): the more qualaty the supply the more the bear can color so perhaps it likes to make color more Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: yes, overall 1048 did like the more qualaty paints
  8. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kt4AauKuG-uKoHC-G4sg2B0JZK8vQ_bPlexm-XpVPUs/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Lore Name Thor Odinson Rank Junior Researcher SCP 1048 Question / Idea How will SCP-1048 respond to being put in various outfits? Background Research SCP-1048 is a sentient being, who has the appearance of stuffed rabbit. In terms of clothing, SCP-1048 has always been observed to just wear a black bow tie. This is logical because all rabbits wear bow ties. However, aside from the singular bow tie, SCP-1048 is basically naked. Hypothesis SCP-1048 will be grateful to receive such fine attire? Preparation SCP-1048 had been given 3 outfits each labelled from A to C. -Outfit A is a Doctor's Uniform, dressed with mint colored gloves, aprons, and head wear. -Outfit B is a Policeman's Uniform, equipped with its very own miniature handcuffs, baton, and toy pistol. -Outfit C is a frilly pink dress, with a small, shiny tiara. Observation After much struggle, from onsite Security, Outfit A had been successfully dawned onto SCP-1048. After a few seconds of processing the outfit, SCP-1048 began to crawl towards Thor Odinson, and pressed its tiny stethoscope against his muscular leg. SCP-1048 then listened carefully, while maneuvering the stethoscope, as if it were listening for a heart beat. A short while later, SCP-1048 began to gesture as if it had gasped in surprise, and began staring at people in the room, as if it were shocked to discover the lack of a heart. After getting use to the procedure, Outfit B had been worn on SCP-1048, with relative ease. After a short moment to ponder its new uniform, SCP-1048 began too charge at the nearest Class-D personnel, at top speeds (Which of course, being a stuffed rabbit, was not very fast). SCP-1048 then planted in front of the nearest Class-D, who was restrained on a wall by nearby security, and began to gesture its hand forward, as if it were ordering it to halt. SCP-1048 then proceeded to attempt and climb the Class-D's legs, in an attempt to further restrain it, with its miniature cuffs. After a short struggle, and almost falling, SCP-1048 had succeed by tying the Class-D's 2 index fingers together. Unlike Outfit B, SCP-1048 showed much hesitation towards being dressed with Outfit C. Due to SCP-1048's persistent struggle, a second security officer had to be introduced, in an effort to dress SCP-1048. After a 10 minute struggle, Outfit C had been successfully put on SCP-1048. However due to SCP-1048's hesitation against the outfit, it proceeded to sit in place with its arms crossed, as if it were refusing to "play along". Conclusion SCP-1048 has been observed to show excitement towards being dressed in clothing, and will often role play as the outfit's respective occupation. However, as seen in Outfit C, SCP-1048 has shown an immense aversion against outfits that may be considered "girly", and will refuse to continue said role play, if it is ever dawned in such garbs.
  10. Form Title: SCP-1048 ~ Research 10/20/2019 Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: Junior Researcher Leaf (myself), Dr. Conwell, Tau 5 2 Taco Level D personnel involved: 4 D-Class. SCP: 1048 Errors and/or safety hazards: D-001, D-002, and D-004 all caused SCP-1048 to scream based on otherwise benign actions. Therefore, it is imperative that researchers and security conducting testing on Teddy keep a clear distance from him when a D-class performs any action whatsoever. D-003 refused to cooperate and attempted to flee into LCZ. Question: What causes SCP-1048 to scream? Background Research: SCP-1048 has the propensity to emit a high pitched scream that causes those who hear it to die. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hypothesis: SCP-1048 will emit a scream if hit, thrown, hurt, or scared. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): D-001 during testing: D-002 during testing: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Test Log (conducted 10/20/2019): D-001: - Was instructed to put a frilly dress on SCP-1048. Teddy did not react. - Was instructed to lift Teddy up by the waist. D-001 misinterpreted this direction and attempted to lift SCP-1048 by the head. This caused SCP-1048 to emit a scream and kill D-001. D-002 - Was instructed to put a small plastic knights helmet on SCP-1048. Teddy reacted negatively and smacked helmet away. - Attempted to pick SCP-1048 up by the waist. SCP-1048 reacted negatively and jumped from his grasp. - Attempted to give SCP-1048 a plastic spoon. Teddy did not react. - Was instructed to poke SCP-1048 in the tummy. Teddy reacted negatively and emit a shriek, killing D-002. D-003 D-003's involvement in this test is negligible, as he refused to take orders and attempted to flee the testing chamber. Having moved into the LCZ, D-003 was terminated by Security. D-004 - Was instructed to attempt to play with 1048's paws. Teddy reacted negatively and avoided his grasp. - D-004 was given a child's tea set and instructed to host a tea party with SCP-1048. Teddy reacted positively, pretending to drink the tea and seeming to enter a playful state. - D-004 was ordered to take SCP-1048's teacup back. This caused Teddy to react violently, and emit a scream. D-004 was killed by this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Analysis and Conclusion: SCP-1048 seems to react strongly to any form of physical contact that he did not initiate. Either he reacts with aversion and runs from whoever tries to touch him, or he reacts violently and screams. Interestingly enough, SCP-1048 reacts positively when offered childish objects and toys, and will partake in child-games with little issue. However, SCP-1048 will also scream if any of these toys or games are interrupted. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: Yes. Of all the times SCP-1048 emit a scream, it was because one of the D-personnel physically interacted with him or forcibly took something from him. It is worth note that SCP-1048 seems drawn to toys and games, which may help introduce a new way of containing him in the future. The conclusion is that no level of physical contact against SCP-1048 is safe. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Approved by the Director of Research and Security and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  11. The Following Test Was Lead and Carried Out By JR BeatBox Rank: JR Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: JR Jimmy Savile (Me), JR BeatBox, LCPL Blu, and D-Class 98244 Level D personnel involved: D-Class 98244 SCP: 1048 Errors and/or safety hazards: The Testing room was a small space, and 1048's scream could have casued lot's of harm to us. JR BeatBox made the mistake of not leaving the room, and was on the brink of death. Question: What will SCP-1048 do if it is shot in the leg. Background Research: There haven't been any reported incidents of SCP-1048 being shot, so JR BeatBox was unsure as to what would happen. Hypothesis: My guess was that SCP-1048 would scream. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): (Wasn't able to get photos, as for I thought JR BeatBox would be writing the test. JR BeatBox: Hello SCP-1048, I will now shoot you in the leg D-Class 98244: No, don't do it! JR BeatBox: *Shoots SCP-1048 in the leg* SCP-1048: *Screams* The D-Class died shortly after... Analysis and Conclusion: When 1048 was shot in the leg, he screamed and killed the D-Class and seriously harmed JR BeatBox. We can conclue that if SCP-1048 is messed with, and his body is harmed he will scream. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: Yes, it was actually exactly how I thought it would go. Approved by the Director of Research and Security and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  12. we began the test by me asking 2 D class personel to befriend SCP-1048 and I told the D class that the one who befriends him first lives so D class Personel by the name of [REDACTED] starts talking to 1048 about Him and 1048 going to partys and drowning in Vagina and Booze Scp-1048 was not to careing of the offer. Ther other D class on the other hand didnt say a word it`s almost like they had some sort of telepathic bond the D class that offered Sex and booze was terminated the other was sent bacl to D block for later testing.
  13. test 1: first subject after 1048 screamed had an a liquid comming out of his ears that was confirmed to me his brain as it had poped under the test test2: we did not get to see the results as subjet 2 had been waporiced by 1048's scream as we have confirmed that if he scream is to sharp the body with go into air over the power from the scream
  14. Name: Blanke Rank, SR Dev rank (1-3): 1 The SCP: SCP-1048 THE SCP Object Class: Safe How'd you weaponize this SCP?: If the person who has the SCP dies while they're duct taped together, the SCP will scream. I went on a raid with multiple CI members, and Alpha Operative JamingVision died while in battle in LCZ, SCP-1048 was discharged and scream killing multiple Class-D and MTF. Cooldown: 1 hour When will cooldown end(EST): until expiration of the carrier
  15. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FDtuWaPc3YwyY0hW_qtk1FedWyZsghZwK7WKtZHoKr0/edit?usp=sharing
  16. //-----------------------------------------------------------------// Form Title: [SCP-173, SCP-1048] ~ Research (4/7/2019) Lore Name: Junior Researcher Wuzzy Rank: JR Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: JR f1ighter, JR Wuzzy, Level D personnel involved: SO Bright SCP: 173, 1048. Hypothesis: We had put SCP-1048 in SCP-173 containment zone along with two other class-D personal to see how SCP-173 would respond with another SCP involved. As me and JR f1ighter was watching on security cams, things were perfectly fine. Both class-D had made friends with SCP-1048 and it seem to make SCP-173 very calm. He had made no actions towards the D-Class and made no movement at all. Both class D were not looking at him at the time either. It seems to me that SCP-173 acts totally different when another SCP is involved. But why is the real question. We will go into further research to come up with more Conclusions. Observation: N/A Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): N/A Errors and/or safety hazards: None. Conclusion: SCP-173 acts very differently when another SCP is involved. Doesn't act hostile towards D-Class personal.
  17. Lore Name: Logic Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: Junior Researcher Logic, Security SO Wuzzy Level D personnel involved: Challenger Dwight SCP: SCP-1048 Hypothesis: Based on previous incidents, we hope to see if SCP-1048 targets the specific specimen that threatened it, or if it is just a radius effect. Observation: Throughout the observation, the SCP-1048 specimen starts off normal with happy behavior. After he is threatened/shot, he started to tremble and then began to [REDACTED] (please refer to video to see what happened ) the D-Class personnel. He then ran off and disappeared out of sight. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): https://youtu.be/XhvVkDfVrqM Errors and/or safety hazards: D-Class personnel [REDACTED] was unfortunately deceased upon the end of 1048's screech. Security SO [REDACTED] was also injured slightly. An unnamed security guard recklessly ran in front of SCP-1048 right after it was shot, but the SO managed to run away in time. Conclusion: SCP-1048 is very harmful but only when threatened. He is also only harmful when personnel are in his radius and area when the threatening happens.
  18. 2/1/2019 *LEVEL THREE CLEARANCE REQUIRED TO VIEW* Property of the Foundation SCP-1048 ~ Documentation-1048-1 Lore Name: Spadek Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 1 List of personnel involved in testing: Spadek Level D personnel involved: Jeb [DATA REDACTED] SCP: SCP-1048 Hypothesis: See if it can create another 1048 using the D Class Jeb Bush as a resource. Observation: SCP-1048 was instructed to use D Class Jeb[DATA REDACTED] as a resource to create another 1048. Unfortunately, SCP-1048 stole the ear cleanly off of D Class Jeb [DATA REDACTED] and left without a trace. Afterward, while I was giving the amnestics for the D Class for debriefing, janitor [DATA REDACTED] then rushed him and killed him with a baseball bat. Janitor [DATA REDACTED] was then terminated by security. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Photo of D Class Jeb [DATA REDACTED] after ear was removed here. Errors and/or safety hazards: Only stole D Class Jeb [DATA REDACTED]'s ear, there is no trace of SCP-1048, and D Class was killed by janitor [DATA REDACTED] with a baseball bat (How did a janitor get a baseball bat in the first place?). Conclusion: No progress was made of seeing SCP-1048 creating a copy of itself and D Class Jeb [DATA REDACTED] had died due to one of the janitors ([DATA REDACTED]) going on a rampage with a baseball bat while D Class Jeb [DATA REDACTED] was being given amnestics. Approved by the Director of R&D and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
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