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  1. Enjoy! (And Merry X-mass Eve!)
  2. (Fixed link, cause I’m dumb and forgot to give everybody viewer access) A short story and description of SCP-745, The Headlights
  3. Name: Seeker Rank: AR SCP:173 Question/Idea: Why is SCP acting like he is fancy? Background Research: This SCP is very interesting and I wanted to know what secrets it hides that I can reveal, or try. Hypothesis: SCP-173 must have a digestive system in order to produce feces that we are still trying to see and analyze what they are. Observations: Since it was hard to get a couple of Class Ds, a JR wanted to become a test subject for the matter, I tried to say no but the JR opened the gate (luckly we had a couple of people there) and went inside the chamber and grabbed photos of it. So I tried to call out the JR to get out of there, the gates closed and the windows were closing as well, 10 seconds later he died. After a while I heard munching sounds coming from the chamber, I opened it and thought I would see the corpse of the JR, but no. It wasn't there. And the SCP-173 said " That was a good meal, but I hate it so messy." It talks, for some reason. And acts like its royalty. Now for the test. Test #001 [BEGIN] We appartently chosen the 3 most dangerous and armed Class D personal, they had pickaxes and guns, but they weirdly followed orders and went inside the chamber of SCP-173 and was trying to destory the thing. After 2 or 3 minutes one of the Class D died, then the next and finally the last one like apples falling from a tree. Again 3 minutes later we closed the shutters and I still heared munching sounds and the 3 Class D bodies were gone, but the chamber was bloody and dirty. Test #001 [Success] Test #002 [The Final Test] Nothing new happened on the final test, SCP-173 was acting like a rich. He said thank you for the meal and stared at a wall. Conclusion: I am still confused by the results, when I did a checkup on the SCP ( while sending D class ) the SCP didn't speak or didn't want to speak and didn't say anything like, "Thank you for the meal" or anything. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: It was indeed, after the 2 tests there were signs of feces on the walls and floors. But all I heard that SCP-173 was munching on the dead Class Ds.
  5. test
  6. SCP-018 Object Class: Euclid Description: SCP-018 is a "Super ball" made by the Wham-O Company, Measuring 6 inches in diameter, And being coloured red. When the item is thrown, It will bounce with 200% efficiency, Thus gaining speed eternally until something stops the ball. When enough speed is gained SCP-018 is able to fracture bones and break through doors. If it reaches 18 kilometers an hour, SCP-018 is able to kill subjects hit with it and break through concrete walls. SCP-018 was originally found when a warehouse was being cleaned by Mr. Clean himself, Holding a variety of Wham-O products. When the object was thrown, SCP-018 bounced several meters in a row without stopping, Smashing several crates and injuring 5 staff. The object stopped moving when SCP-018 landed into the lake of Wentworth Municipal Park Containment Procedures: SCP-018 is to be chained in a 1 Meter steel safe, Filled with Flex Seal brand glue. No personnel under level 3 may enter SCP-018's Containment Chamber, Testing on SCP-018 is strongly discouraged. Re-Containment Procedures: If SCP-018 breaks the safe the room is to be flooded with water in an attempt to slow it down. No personnel are to enter the room while containment specialists arrive. Document #018-04: Message to O5-4 Hey Skela, The only reason I'm writing you is because I believe I've found an effective method for hunting down new or escaped SCP objects. Yes, I know we haven't found out how to reverse this thing's ability to break the laws of thermodynamics. But I've come up with a great idea on how to use those new SCP-A5 armor suits. Okay here's the plan, Put the object on the bottom of a boot, Put in a little machine for good measure, And boom. The suit can now jump over shit like sky scrapers. Also if you want something dead, That ball delivers one helluva kick! I just need to modify one of the SCP-A5 suits, And you'll actually be able to catch up something like those Fleshy dog things, Or anything else. Believe me, It'll be great. Document #018-05: Message to Dr. Jummy So, We tried your experiment and the results were mixed to say the least. Agent Joe Mama was given your modified armor to help with retrieving SCP-939, And was able to put a collar onto the specimen through a chase in the amazon. However, Due to a malfunction in your "Little machine" he was launched almost a mile into the air and broke both of his legs, Fractured his spine, Somehow lost his arm, And fractured his skull upon him falling into a lake. Fix that now or I'll have your head. Pictured: SCP-018 sitting on a desk
  8. <This document is Lvl. 2 Classifed>
  9. <File Declassified By Agent Nova>
  14. Be honest what can I improve on during future test.
  15. Lore Name: Darby Rank: Senior Researcher SCP: SCP-008, SCP-500 Question / Idea: How will SCP-008 pre, mid and post infection react to SCP-500? Background Research: Small sample of SCP-008 (Liquid Form) was put in a glass vial and SCP-500 was added. Specimen left for 12 hours in which when rechecked all infectious and lethal capabilities had been terminated. Hypothesis: That when SCP-008 is exposed to SCP-500 during/after infection growth it will cease or reverse all infection. Observations (What Happened During Test): SCP-500 was collected in a small glass vial and placed into a Class A Mobile Biohazard Containment Box. 3 Class D personnel (D-173527, D-173837, D-145233) were escorted to SCP-008s CC and placed on the wall. Test 1- D-173527 was given SCP-500, SCP-500 was swallowed successfully without incident. After 5 minutes elapsed, D-173527 was taken into SCP-008s BHCC. D-173527 was instructed to open SCP-008s containment lid, and the lid opened successfully without incident. After 10 minutes elapsed no signs of early SCP-008 infection was present. D-173527 was instructed to close SCP-008s containment lid, lid closed successfully without incident. D-173527 was placed into a Class D Mobile Humanoid Biohazard Containment Chamber. Test 2- D-173837 was taken into SCP-008s BHCC. D-173837 was given SCP-500 and instructed to take it when instructed to. D-173837 was instructed to open SCP-008s containment lid, containment lid opened successfully without incident. After 5 minutes elapsed D-173837 was instructed to swallow SCP-500, SCP-500 swallowed successfully without incident. After 5 minutes elapsed D-173837 started showing symptoms of SCP-008, notably far more infectious, lethal and spreading faster. SCP-008s containment lid was closed remotely and D-173837 was terminated by security and placed into Class D Mobile Humanoid Biohazard Containment Chamber. Test 3- D-145233 was taken into SCP-008s BHCC. D-145233 was given SCP-500 and instructed to take it when instructed to. D-145233 was instructed to open SCP-008s containment lid, and the lid opened successfully without incident. After 5 minutes elapsed D-145233 was instructed to close SCP-008s containment lid, containment lid closed successfully without incident. D-145233 was instructed to take SCP-500. 5 minutes more elapsed and SCP-008s symptoms reversed rapidly and all injuries including scars healed. D-145233 was placed into a Class D Mobile Humanoid Biohazard Containment Chamber. Remaining Class-D and the Corpse of all 3 tests were incinerated without incident. It is suggested that if this test is repeated not take SCP-500 mid infection. If more SCP-500 are found or cloned it should be given to Mobile Task Forces in the case that an outbreak occurs where there are people who are not infected and people who are fully infected. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: Below Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): Chemicals being formed during contamination or SCP-008 eating the flesh of the D-Class mixing with SCP-500 and causing a Chemical Reaction. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Partially, Yes.
  18. It a couple days old forgot to put it up
  21. Lore Name: Darby Rank: Experienced Researcher SCP: SCP-020 & SCP-049 Question / Idea: Will SCP-049 react to SCP-020 as if it is the "Pestilence"? Will SCP-049 be able to see SCP-020 without the use of photos or video surveillance. Background Research: Background Research not possible due to the risk of site wide infection. Only information we can get about SCP-049 and SCP-020s relationship follows. Upon SCP-049s arrival at Site-87 he walked past SCP-020s Containment Chamber and clenched his fists. Upon passing the room it was heard him mumbling the words "The Pestilence... is near." Hypothesis: SCP-049 will be exposed to SCP-020 and attempt to "Cure" all traces of it. SCP-049 will be able to see SCP-020 without the use of photos or video surveillance. Observations (What Happened During Test): SCP-049 was wheeled over to SCP-020s Primary Bio-Hazard Testing Area where he was placed into the airlock. 10 minutes elapsed while SCP-049 was in the airlock familiarizing himself to his new surroundings, airlock to SCP-020 closed (Viewing Area Side) and opened (Containment Chamber Side). SCP-049 was instructed to walk into SCP-020s PBHTA and stand on the eastern wall, SCP-049 complied but stayed as far away from SCP-020s vial as he could. Once SCP-049 was at the eastern wall SCP-020s vial was broken remotely, SCP-049 immediately closed the distance between himself and SCP-020, SCP-049 then reached out and put his hands over the SCP-020 vial and picked it up. SCP-049 then raised the vial above his head and started praying in a Latin/Early English accent. 10 minutes elapsed and SCP-049 ended the prayer and dropped the glass into his hood. SCP-049 then stated "The Pestilence is no more in here, now it is only you 5 left" he then proceeded to point at us and run up to the glass at high speed. Due to the glass being on the floor SCP-049 stood and slipped on the glass cutting his lower left leg and shoulder in the process. SCP-049 lost consciousness due to the fall and was contained with ease. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: Below Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): This is mostly unknown due to the prayer but the way that SCP-049 acted in the first 30 minutes of the test was as if SCP-049 was "scared" at the presence of SCP-020. In the last 20 minutes it is believed that he had "Cured" SCP-020 through an unknown means and had stated that attending Researchers/Security were infected. All attending staff and SCP-049 were cleared of SCP-020 at the end of the test. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Yes, SCP-049 did attempt to and succeeded to "Cure" SCP-020 and was able to see SCP-020 without the use of Photos/Video Surveillance.
  22. Lore Name: Darby Rank: Experienced Researcher SCP: SCP-049, SCP-008 Question / Idea: How would SCP-049 react to being in the presence of SCP-008 (Gaseous Form)? Background Research: Small amount of SCP-008 (Gaseous Form) was released into a Biohazard Containment Chamber where SCP-049 was. SCP-049 immediately fell to the floor and had a small seizure. SCP-049 then sat in the eastern corner for 3 hours while decontaminating. Hypothesis: When SCP-049 is exposed to SCP-008 he will fall to the floor and have a grand mal seizure hopefully resulting in his termination. Observations (What Happened During Test): SCP-049 walked into SCP-008s Containment Chamber and started coughing as if something was choking him. Once fully inside SCP-008s Containment Chamber SCP-049 went to the furthest corner from SCP-008s Containment Pipe and sat down. SCP-008s Containment Lid was opened remotely resulting in SCP-049 getting up and trying to force SCP-008s Containment Lid down to no success. SCP-008s Containment Chamber slowly filled with SCP-008 (Gaseous Form) and when nearly full SCP-049 stated that he was feeling "Pins and Needles" and it was noted that he was in a state of mental confusion. 15 seconds elapse and SCP-049 falls to his right side and looses consciousness laying on the floor for roughly 20 seconds. SCP-049 started convulsing 40 seconds after symptoms of a Grand Mal Seizure started. SCP-008s Containment Lid was closed remotely and SCP-008s Containment Chamber decontaminated. SCP-049 was given Anti-Convulsions (Inhaled). SCP-049 started showing symptoms of SCP-008 infection, SCP-500 was given to SCP-049 (Inhaled) in order to stop this from continuing. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: Below Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): Either SCP-049 is allergic to SCP-008, SCP-049s garments mix with SCP-008 and have a chemical reaction creating the "Pestilence" or SCP-049 believes SCP-008 is the "Pestilence" and suffers violently when exposed to it. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: Partially, he did have a Grand Mal seizure but was not terminated due to the effects of SCP-008 not being strong enough.
  24. Lore Name: Darby Rank: Associate Researcher SCP: SCP-049 Question / Idea: Can, if being friendly and polite to SCP-049 would change the way that he acts. Background Research: SCP-049 reacted happily to Researchers due to them being "Doctors" and was furthermore excited when Researchers were polite to SCP-049. Hypothesis: SCP-049 will have a short conversation with the D-Class and SCP-049 will hopefully believe that the D-Class is a doctor and possibly even "Test" with the D-Class on a corpse. Observations (What Happened During Test): SCP-049 went to the northern side of the CC and glanced at D-183723 then pacing the room. D-183723 was instructed to speak to SCP-049 in a polite manner and to act as if he were a doctor. D-183723 greeted SCP-049 and approached him saying that he was a doctor. D-183723 was instructed to back up from SCP-049 in which he stopped walking and looked around SCP-049s CC. The corpse of D-173627 was wheeled into SCP-049s CC and SCP-049 was allowed to "Test" on D-173627s corpse and use D-183723 as an assistant. After 10 minutes elapsed an D-173627s corpse was turned into an instance of SCP-049-2 which was quickly terminated by attending Security. D-183723 stated he was feeling nauseous and had flu like symptoms. D-183723 was instructed to drag SCP-049-2s corpse into a Class D Mobile Humanoid Bio-Hazard Containment Chamber and enter himself. D-18372 complied and the door to the Class D MHBHCC was closed, locked and moved to the LCZ Incinerator. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: Data Corrupt Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): Possibly because of D-183723 lying to SCP-049 about being a doctor and not helping SCP-049 during "Testing" Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: No, although SCP-049 still tested on the corpse when given and in the presence of D-182723. Late Log