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Found 2 results

  1. BOx Bluefoot 5/27/2022 When I joined the sever I never thought I would play on it for more than a day. Look at what happened, I ended up playing for 2 years. About 4 Months in I found a Sub branch named R&D and I enjoyed playing it. It became a branch soon after and then BIO Engineer got added. I've played that job since it was made until now, I loved to play it. The reason for this resigning is simple, I am going into high school soon. If I fail high school I will never get a job like Atlas. One last thing, you may see me around, But not enough to be considered active This is former Head BIO Engineer and Head SVA01. Signing off now. (Enjoy your 3 day weekend :D) Funny Clips I have Flixy being ass at crab Game: https://medal.tv/games/crab-game/clips/b5pyccwpZLOvk/d1337BrEeEWF?invite=cr-MSxwN2wsMTU2NTIzNjEs https://medal.tv/games/crab-game/clips/9ZY085ep7GaPh/d1337J0ljJQl?invite=cr-MSw0VnksMTU2NTIzNjEs Atlas not getting a job: https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/4dzntl0BNRygw/d1337OTfQLBT?invite=cr-MSwwWmgsMTU2NTIzNjEs Gaminglight: https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/47oeYxx-OQMoy/d13379BERscm?invite=cr-MSxERzQsMTU2NTIzNjEs Training in a nutshell: https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/4m4A3A_FTqEFH/d1337gncc2ig?invite=cr-MSxkaFIsMTU2NTIzNjEs Weeeeeeee: https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/4mJgLYPWlTlvQ/d1337Wj4ZZo7?invite=cr-MSxGaG0sMTU2NTIzNjEs Send me this code on discord for 10 IG mil! "#BIOGang4life" But Aussie never came... Buck Got it! https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/4INM9X3_iCo2C/d133730mHSNU?invite=cr-MSxTZmosMTU2NTIzNjEs Cosmic! https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/iHyw4ULAYFdOd/d1337vo9Cabk?invite=cr-MSxkWk8sMTU2NTIzNjEs https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/gzKev8UykPlKm/d1337DOsHYYa?invite=cr-MSxRVHgsMTU2NTIzNjEs SO Sim: https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/gcoMft5s8RkhB/d1337j2bmJCt?invite=cr-MSw5VWQsMTU2NTIzNjEs Raptor Squad go! https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/jABVMgy-BoU9h/d1337CWIQGkg?invite=cr-MSx5UVAsMTU2NTIzNjEs C4 Will work! https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/fFAhqWUmeIXtN/d1337wVmGh1t?invite=cr-MSxGeHEsMTU2NTIzNjEs Hoovy jumpscare https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/gS5q8AJ71flvi/d1337K2hbdgU?invite=cr-MSx5YkosMTU2NTIzNjEs https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/djhVC_BMOEotY/d1337yi4pnl5?invite=cr-MSx2UVosMTU2NTIzNjEs Pokemon battle https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/hg7JXC_HE8OBW/d13375OBLmTL?invite=cr-MSxHSVosMTU2NTIzNjEs Gensec OFC https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/fD4HMPqbScGO9/d1337BXDpdmE?invite=cr-MSxmamosMTU2NTIzNjEs 106 SPEED RUN https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/iNMaE_f2r3lay/d1337mR7Yq68?invite=cr-MSxITDUsMTU2NTIzNjEs Mr Maynard https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/fxuFoeHuPa2Xq/d1337o2RvMIj?invite=cr-MSxpUUcsMTU2NTIzNjEs https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/fxvBARaTkAp4y/d1337H0VyGwZ?invite=cr-MSxlZFgsMTU2NTIzNjEs Go away! https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/k4Unl_p4pMucX/d1337sWjw3V0?invite=cr-MSxBSW0sMTU2NTIzNjEs My Assistains! https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/9HpIKKqtFWyOU/d1337qwAfAVe?invite=cr-MSwxMkQsMTU2NTIzNjEs Am almost a Freshmen!
  2. In-game Name: Renless SteamID: STEAM_0:1:554608128 DiscordID: Renless#2666 What division do you want to join (Military or R&D):R&D How would you rank your knowledge of the lore? i know alot of it since i used to get kidnapped by ci as a scp and i would see what they would do Why should you be in Chaos Insurgency? (75 word minimum) I am very good with lore and i can do the job very good and i like to study scps and do stuff like that i will listen to my higher ups and show good work and i am vert good at studying and doing experiments and test since i am a ADVR in research and i have always wanted to be in R&D and i want to help the R&D community grow and get powerfull and be one of the best branches there is What is something that sets you apart from other applicants? i am a good listener and can do the job very quick and i am always active so i can help you guys when you need R&D to flag up and i can help you do test on scps and do experiments on them to and you can always depend on me How active can you be? I am very active Do you have both Teamspeak and Discord: I have both
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