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  1. Its roleplaying as a Catholic priest and joking about Muslims. At this point, you are nitpicking anything I don't say and say "it was all a lie." Simon says chill out and stops over analyzing.
  2. Prehaps tommorow. at 1:50 PM EST.
  3. I'm just going to state that all of the negative support replies were coming from the admins that were involved in the case, therefore their Support shouldn't be considered in the final aspect as they have a skewed view of the topic. Unless that's already a rule, in that case, don't mind this
  4. He would say that's racist and I would say it's a joke. End of story If he still doesn't understand ill cite the same thing I already put in the context above. This doesn't require a nuclear physicist to break down the sign into its individual electrons to find out its meaning.
  5. In the Context, I mentioned above, AS in I was making a joke I was exploiting history dating back to the dark ages. As in Catholic tensions with Muslim populous and Muslim refers to people who practice Islam, therefore, the basis was entirely religious and not based on race/creed etc. On the point of arguing I cracked a one-line joke straight out of a 4chan green text and you got angry and I stopped after you told me to do so, and it's not like I was going to actually deny anybody based on their race because I'm not braindead. You can take a few steps back
  6. Your In-Game Name: Thy Father Gregori Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:74324669 Staff (s) member's In-Game Name: Billy King & Smoke King What did they do? : Misunderstood historically contextual joke, and got very mad threatening me with warnings and such. Even after I attempted to explain the reasoning behind the quip, for the fact that it might offend Muslims. Evidence (REQUIRED): Here is the link to the Sign that I created - / Much of the sit was verbal and I was not recording so forgive me Reasons why I think this is NOT Offensive: 1. exploiting hundreds of years of tensions between Catholic/Christian/Orthodox tensions between Muslims occupying Jerusalem. 2. Religiously factual. 3. The sign doesn't contain any derogatory slang or offensive language. What do you think is an acceptable punishment? : - Retraining and redefinition of what counts as offensive or derogatory. Moved From Archived section
  7. In-Game Name: Trooper Ounce 1T SteamID: Rank: Trooper How is your activity on the server? Daily Activity Any questions/issues/concerns? N/A Questions: What is something that we can do to increase the activity within the State Department? Replace lower level cars like the Taurus, with better pursuit vehicles such as the charger Is there anything you would like to see for State Department? (What can we do to improve the future of the State Department") N/A
  8. What do you want to see? - I want to see a DJ, and News Reporter job added to the game Why should we add it? - The News reporter can add an extra layer to the police department, as the news reporter goes around looking for stories in the form of arrests, bank robberies, and raids. The Radio Broadcaster can make basing a little more fun and less boring as the music played by the broadcaster can be played through radios, while listeners can request songs to the DJ and have them play it over the radio What are the advantages of having this? - Basing can be a more fun experience, and the police department can have an extra layer of interaction with the public Who is it mainly for? - Entertainment and enhanced roleplay. Links to any content - This Video is a joke video but it displays how it may work if implemented.
  9. +Support Let it die so we won't have to do it again.
  10. Biggest Ounce’s Guide to Undercover. The essentials: 1. Screenshot key (default is F12) 2. Be FBI PA and Above 3. Learn how to lie, and not sound dumb 4. TELL THE FRICKEN TAC TEAMS YOU'RE UNDERCOVER Additional information: If you have VIP status I recommmend you avoid playing as the thief job, because people will ask why you are default thief. Also when playing advanced gun dealer try to get pictures of them holding/standing near weapon crates as evidence it help big time.