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  1. Hello All! I'm Spade I use to play infrequently on PoliceRP a year or two ago and rose to the rank Sergeant Major in PD. I've read through the guides again and I'm use to the current map we are using. I am now able to consistently play actively on PRP and I hope to join a department and continue to rise through PD as I get to know more people on the server and get active!
  2. derpdua

    SpadeH’s LOA

    Name: SpadeH Rank: Special Agent Reason: I will be at summer camp this entire week Length- August 12-18th
  3. Name: SpadeH Rank: Special Agent Date: 1/19/19 Activity: Weekends (Or when there is no school)
  4. You must keep in mind that the server was released recently. Also this is doing better then the last SWRP attempt. A good day could be 10 players. A good day now can be 20-25.
  5. When I join it says Warning Auto Disconnect in 800 seconds.
  6. I just had a quick question. When I try to join PRP or SWRP I always get the auto dc. I have already tried verifying game cache and files and downloading addons and only dowloading map files. I also watched Zeeptin’s video and that didn’t help either. This is confusing because I could get on MRP and another SWRP server. If anyone had any tips that would be great.
  7. This looks like a good idea for an event.