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  1. MEGA +SUPPORT -Gets on whenever he can -Deserves SA, he's one of the best staff members -Puts so much work into the server with events and RP -Would be able to improve the server so much as JMT -He's been an Admin for a long time -Great dude
  2. +Support It used to be a thing, never understood why it was removed.
  3. -support Killing someone outside of RP (which I'm assuming it was) even with their permission is RDM, so that part is valid You're admitting to LTAP, which is warnable/bannable regardless of the situation Player diss doesn't seem that bad, but it's up to the staff's decision.
  4. Might be out of game for a while longer, gmod won't start and everything I've tried so far doesn't do anything.
  5. +support Definitely should be rules about not using it on ground forces, but it looks great and would help with balancing when there aren't any generals on
  6. Theberliners

    Arnold's LOA

    I will be on vacation for a few days, until 9/3/20, though I'll hopefully still be able to check the forums and Discord.
  7. +Support -Very Active -Great Leader -Great Guy -Amazing Staff Member
  8. +support Especially while sniping, hitreg can be really annoying and it is hard to tell whether or not you actually hit somebody Hitmarkers would be a great addition, and they can be toggled if you don't need them