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  1. sure Voxis Stay cool Thx ya'll see ya'll next time~ Good luck in the GL Community too~
  2. Felixx!!! No worries mannn hahah I'm sure we have much better people like you in the staff team still keeping it going
  3. hahahah you know it man Oh heyyy Jack, good luck to you too!!! Keep to the ruless!!!
  4. Wow Matthew an Admin now!! Gratz man, wish you luck
  5. If they have collected the money then yes but they can choose to charge you a higher price and it's up to you to pay them or go to another dealer
  6. Just make sure u ain't obstructin anyone or the road and it's fine
  7. Good luck to you too!! Dayum Dane already a senior Mod good luck to you too!! Hahaha thanks for your support, you stay safe too
  8. No worries man I'll still be contactable hahah
  9. Hello everyone, as some of you might have noticed, I have been inactive and not appearing on the server for a really long time, my reason for that is due to the fact in my country which is Singapore all Boys aged 18 and above will have to serve 2 years of compulsory National Service and I am already 19 considered overdue and is being forced to do so now. This also means that I am gonna be joining the Military for two years, after that I will be a working adult from there on I will probably not be returning back to this community or game any longer. I apologise for all the mistakes I have made or commited whoever I have offended in the past and I hope that this amazing community will go far and carry on for a really long time. For the respective departments I apologise for I do not have time to tender my resignation from there and as well as for the staff team. However as I will highly likely not be returning in this two years or more as I go on to live my life, I will not be writing any other posts other than this since I will not be returning or touching Garry's Mod at all. If there is anyone who wants to add me, contact me or play any other games feel free to add me on steam at: agileshepherd/Superfruge I would like to thank a couple of people in this community: Zeeptin- For being a Great Owner and working round the clock to keep this server going, you deserve every good coming your way Snar- For being a great manager staying active and entertaining complaints as well as handling this amazing Staff Team Fame- For being active, helping out this staff team, never one bitching about people and being fair on the reports made on staff and players Strider- For being such a good friend I made in this community and supporting me this asian dude as you would say hahah I'll miss ya xD Carpenter- Thank you for being a active good super admin, fair and you are really very mature for your age Voxis- Thank you for being that "Grim Reaper" for every issue that happens you would hop on and assist us all the time There are others and many more I have not mentioned but just know that I will never forget all of you. Signing off MSGT Tommy Turner EMS Tommy Turner MC17 FBI SNRSA KGB67 Tommy Turner SS SO Tommy Turner XV40
  10. +Support Evidence shows alot and they do minge quite abit PErma ban is kinda too much, maybe have a certain time on the ban let them learn their lesson
  11. Superfruge


    I agree with the timezones but it's difficult on their side too I'm thinking if anything the department should try as best to find people who are in different timezones and according to their performance whip them up to higher rankings so they can do meetings and trainings too
  12. +Support Weapons are a little weak at the moment as I see it