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  1. don't worry I may be back in the future but we can still play together on gmod
  2. Hello some of you might not know me cause you have never talked to me before or seen I'm Soviet Stalin Ex LTC Achief , and COL I think in DI I want to explain why I have been inactive, the reason for some of you knowing me and not hearing from me Is that I have been so bussy with school and not been able to even get on or communicate because on the weekends its my time to relax and chill but I always had to go on the server and waste me weekends helping its not like I don't like to help its cause I can never get a break so I took a break and didn't respond to anything I am sencirly sorry that I didn't but I guess this is the end of the run with me. Awg- You are the one of the best ,coolest people I had ever met I met you when you were the RUAF Commander I am proud of you for making the rank General Richard-Always nice and friendly guy that wanted to help others and stayed up very late for meetings! Scoot- Cool guy and nice I met you when you started out in the server and grew up so fast I will miss you blob fish Reborn-Heard you retired wished you would stay but sometimes you have to move on, always loved the good old days of the anime church and us having fun Thank you all for all the good times if I have forgotten your name im sorry its been so long and I must of forgotten. Ps-If I could some how get my stuff back I could be back most likely cause I now have more free time. Sencirly-Stalin REMEMBER STALINGRAD!
  3. Alright thx for making this post
  4. Stalin.

    My activity

    Its that I take breaks on the weekends when I can get on cause I need to relax cause of school and other things so its really the only time I can chill
  5. Stalin.

    My activity

    Sorry guys for my activity its already crappy cause Im a weekends player plus I do stuff over the weekend Im going to take a break for this weekend and possibly next weekend plz excuse me for officer meetings most likely you guys or some of you guys are going to be like typing fast on you'r PC omg stalin inactive what a fag no but seriously I apologize a lot im a bussy person and im just tired sometimes so I coudnt make it this Saturday for the meeting Sencirly Stalin If you would like to contact me try to contact me by discord
  6. I will try to attend I have other things to do but I will try to make it!
  7. Stalin.

    Cat's Resignation

  8. +Support -Nice guy -Active on TS
  9. +Support Good application seems to be a nice guy
  10. Stalin.

    Rook's LOA

    Alright Rook have a good break of gmod
  11. Stalin.

    Police Brutality

    Shhhh Tumz you aren't supposed to tell them that yet XD
  12. Nice informational also Classified be nicer to tempest she tries her best with helping out in mp.